Change is a Comin’ (and it’s OK)

The aquarium today helped me chill out some

Recently, I’ve gotten an amazing opportunity for work starting in January. I am so stoked for such an awesome gig that includes so much of what I love and have worked towards throughout my career in education. There’s something on my mind though: change is scary.

I’ve been in my current job for 2 years now and have a comfortable routine down. This week my friend Ken in in town and we’ve been running around town some and sitting on the couch hanging out some, but I’ve still got this nagging feeling of change being ahead. I know change is good and happens- and I’m welcoming it- but the unknown is giving me a little bit of anxiety.

I even had the moment of “I don’t know how to do this new job!” but had to remind myself: you’re not supposed to know it all already.

But here’s to being honest and acknowledging things are making you feel not quite right. And then knowing the reasons behind them and it’ll all be ok in the end. And here’s to a new year with some new starts.

Do you ever have moments like these? What do you do to move past it?


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