New Years Goal Setting Pt. 1


This morning, Ken headed home and my brain has been directed not on the Christmas holiday, but the New Year. As I wrote about the other day, a change in jobs has been on my mind but that’s not all that’s on the road ahead. This upcoming spring also points to a move to another home, a need to purchase (my first self bought) car and. I know that we will have help with these events from many people in our lives, but I can’t help but think things are about to speed up.

With all of this speeding up, I’ve been working on goal planning tasks. After a bit of perusing Pinterest and Instagram, I’ve gotten a few ideas of how to plot out the upcoming year. I’m waiting until January for my planner purchase, but for now it’ll be making some lists and brainstorming.

Do you have any goal planning hints or methods? I’d love to hear!


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