31 Days of Moving Update


It’s funny how things work when I’m writing. I’ve got a few topics to write about floating around my brain at most times and I usually pull the one that is most relevant to what’s going on or I have a connection to for some reason that day. Today is another one of those moments right in front of my face.

A friend posted about bloggers/vloggers making claims of what they’re going to do for the new year- “I’m going to put up a new video everyday to my channel!” – yeah, we know that’s probably not going to happen unless you’re working on it full time and nothing else, sorry. He said that people should not put their plans out there, as to not make false promises. I responded to the conversation, saying that I think it’s an OK thing to do, as long as an idea is fully formed and not just a “yeah, that’d be cool if…” scenario.  I also thought about this blog post right here when crafting my response. I went on to say that the context of things is also very important. Obviously someone who is a larger personality in social media would be concerned with getting content up daily or whatever else their lofty goals are. If it was what I did to get paid, you better believe I’d be on it. But it’s not, and that’s what I mean by depending on the context.



So, cut back to this 31 Days of Moving post. Simply put, I did not make the 31 days. I made about a week or so. And that is OK. I won’t say I failed, I just didn’t make it happen this December. And that’s fine with me. I’m only human. December is a hard month to do anything, like even going to work, when all you want to do is sit at home by your Christmas tree or travel to see friends and family. Add to that feeling kinda icky thanks to my sinuses and a house guest for a week and, well, a mile a day and a few other work outs just wasn’t happening.

I’m not upset by this at all. I’m also not upset that I shared the post with you guys earlier in the month. I’ve been thinking about the “why” of this blog (more on that coming up in a goal setting post!) and realized that my goal is two-fold: 1) To Write. I like to write. I always have. It’s what I do to chill and sometimes people tell me I do it well (thanks, by the way!). It’s fun.   2) Spread positivity:  Even if the topic starts out heavy or negative, I try to steer is positively. All I really want is for people to just be nice to each other and spread more love to each other.

I did make it to the gym a few times!

So here’s the positive twist to all of this: I didn’t quite make the mark I set for myself and that’s OK. I tried, I dropped the ball and I don’t regret it at all. I can try this challenge again in another month when I’m more focused on it and I can tweak how I go about it. In broader terms, I feel like this applies too. Just because we say we are going to do something and don’t, it’s not the end of the world (obviously try your best). As my friend/life coach Anna always says, you are in the process- you don’t always have to have it figured out. Besides, what would the fun in that be?

What do you think? Should you put your plans out there or keep them close to the vest? Let me know! 



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