2018 Goal Tracking

Let’s go, 2018 goals!

As of December 31, I’ll have 153 days in a row that I’ve written on JLBNerdy. I didn’t think I could do anything for 50 days, let alone 100 or 150, but here we are. Knowing that I have managed to take on this new habit daily, it is quite empowering and also I’m excited to share my tracking methods that helped me reach this goal.

My sister in law, Jacque, sent me a text last week asking if i had any good methods for keeping a New Years Resolution and I thought about the tracking method I’ve used from August to the end of this year. It’s a simple method that I tweaked from bullet journal layouts.

The blog post tracker I used from September-December 2017

I know it’s not too fancy here, but it works for this girl. All I had to do was check of the days as I completed them. This method is used a lot with trackers I’ve seen on Pinterest and is super simple. There’s something, I think, psychologically that keeps people (atleast me) wanting to not miss a day and keep the streak up. By missing a day, the tracker wouldn’t look quite right- and I can’t cheat!


So for 2018, I created a blog post tracker in my brand new planner (more on that later- I’m in love!). It’s actually on the back of a divider page and I just went to town listing off all 365 days and adding a little flair for fun.

One thing I added this year is the “why” question. Why am I working on this goal? When we were discussing goal setting, Jacque and I talked about the why being important and I realized it was crucial to add to the tracker. If nothing else, sometimes we have to be reminded why we are doing something.

So, if this visual style appeals to you, grab a pen, a calendar and some paper you like and get to writing. You can do the entire year or however many days you’d like (they say 21 makes a habit), just map it out and get to work- make it as pretty or as dull as you’d like. Just get to work.


Good luck on your goals this year! Let me know if you use this style tracker or your own version of it and how it goes- I’ll be using mine daily as well, so let’s compare notes in a month or two.

Happy New Year!



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