My Collections: Disney Trading Pins

The collection in all its glory! (bulletin board from Target dollar spot last year)

I’ve been told I have a whole bunch of Disney swag (it’s not a lie) and as I’ve been looking around my apartment at the items I love, I figured it would be fun to share my collections here on the blog.

So today, I’m starting with my Disney trading pin collection. I originally have some pins from our trip in 2000, during the early days of trading and I’m pretty sure we got them for free. Since Loss and I began going in 2013 to Walt Disney World, I’ve turned the pins into my go to souvenir. They travel well, aren’t (typically) too pricey and are a fun way to look back.

This is the Mickey section of the board- yes, they are organized in a particular way.

I try to find pins that are part of our trip, such as Minnie and Mickey kissing from our honeymoon. We also try to get a resort pin from places where have stayed and a year pin to commemorate that trip. I also make a point to pick up a pin that represents a character that stands out from that trip and a park specific pin (usually Magic Kingdom or Epcot). I love being able to look at them and remember our trip and the fun time that we had.

I’ve also been lucky enough to find some pins at other place (such as a local comic book store) where they’ve been a super cheap had some that meant a lot- like the Duffy as Dreamfinder and a five legged goat from the Mary Blair mural in the Contemporary- they are relevant to what I love so much.


I’ve been super lucky to have a few friends head to Disney’s California Adventure and bring me back  of the Galaxy/Mission Breakout pins as well. I can’t wait to get out to California and see all this Marvel magic in DCA, though I’m giving it a few years to build up, and these pins are helping hold me over til then (thanks J and Chris!).

I am so in love with this lanyard set and design! (sorry, the plastic kinda makes it harder to photograph- but don’t even ask me to open it!)

More recently, I got the awesome gift of a lanyard set from the Magic Kingdom’s 45th Anniversary (thanks Ken!). It has four pins on it and the tag that hangs from it, but I’ll be keeping it in the package because, well, I’m that person. Also, I’m super obsessed with the designs they used for the MK 45th artwork. I’m not much of a Disney Dooney and Bourke gal, but if I could get my hands on this pattern on a bag, it’d be going down.

Do you have a Disney Pin collection? What are some of your collections that bring you happy memories? 


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