My Day: Sunday

I borrowed Loss’ cozy flannel to layer up

Today was a pretty chill one but still quite productive. We took some time at Starbucks to get writing done and I finished up a special, more in depth Valentines post that I’d been wanting to do for a while. There’s nothing better than being super productive- especially on a project you’ve been wanting to finish up for a while.

Loss reading & ok-ing the post. Yes, it was a flannel day.

After a little nap this evening, I dove into some organizing. Like I wrote about the other day, I’ve been going bit by bit and today was working on the tshirt drawer. I don’t have a ton of them but the drawer is mighty small, so the way I folded them up, file style, was much easier.

This is a much easier way to store these guys- and so many more fit! 

I’m pretty proud how many of the tshirts (and long sleeve tees in the middle) can be folded up and put in. It was certainly worth taking the drawer out and sitting it up on the bed.

What were you guys up to on this Sunday? 


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