Quick Stir Fry


One of my favorite dishes to eat is stir fry. I love how it can be made quickly and, well, Aldi has made it even easier.

Loss and I are big Aldi fans when it comes to grocery shopping and recently found their stir fry veggies and we’ve been hooked ever since. I try to keep two bags in the freezer at all times and I actually like them better than the Byrd’s Eye brand steamable stir fry veggies that I’ve had before, too (plus the bag is a whole lot bigger). This mix includes broccoli, bell peppers, water chestnuts, snap peas, and baby corn, too.  On top of tasting better, being a larger bag and a good variety of veggies, it’s only around $3 a bag.



I swear this isn’t an ad for Aldi, but I wanted to share how great these are. We whip up some rice (preferably brown rice), throw these babies into a pan, heat them up, including the sauce packet in the package and you’re almost done. If you’re feeling crazy, you can add some egg to the mix and round out the stir fry.

Loss made some snow day stir fry today.

Have you found any other frozen items at Aldi that you love? Do share because I always love new finds!


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