Prepping for the Move Pt.1

I could pack like this, I guess…

With some extra time at home lately, I’ve started really thinking about our move. We knew weather was going to chilly and probably wipe out plans for a day or two this week, so we even picked up a few boxes to work on packing. Of course, this led to my big question: where do I even start?

We aren’t looking at moving til the first of April, but I’m wondering where exactly to start cleaning. We’ve got so much to pack up I don’t know what needs to go first. I’ve about decided maybe books first but what if I wanted to grab one for use later? This is where my issue lies: what if I need it sometime? I guess we’ll see, right? My goal is to atleast declutter everything in the process and I’ve already taken a small load to Goodwill after my ferocious kitchen cleanse on New Years and am looking forward to pulling everything out and purging- it should lighten the load a little bit.

Atleast this is almost ready to pack up..? 

So, all this to say, do you have any hints for packing up an apartment?


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