My Resolution I Realized a Month Into 2018

A few moments after my epiphany of my socializing resolution

Last week, we were having dinner with my friend Chris (you might remember him from the post about making friends that I put up hurriedly the night we were at Play in Nashville and the one of us visiting the Disney Store), his other friend Chris (not confusing at all) and Meg and I realized that I’d hung out with Chris more than a lot of people so far this year- and he lives in Nashville. I have been talking to people about having game nights and viewing parties and just reaching out to folks that I don’t know as well but I think would be good fits for Loss and I both, friendwise.

I’m also excited to spend time with folks who I haven’t seen in a while, too! 

Then it hit me- this was my new years resolution. Well, I backed into this resolution. I didn’t know that it would be something I want to work towards, but it has turned into one. With my new job and hours (home before 6:30 every night- woohoo!), social events have popped up much more frequently and I feel like we are building our group of friends up. It’s been awesome seeing that we have so many people around us that are in similar stages of life (early 30’s, maybe kids, maybe not) and it’s time to branch out some.

 Loss and Chris chatting in the giftshop of the German restaurant at Opry Mills

One of the coolest parts is making friends we both like. While Loss enjoys hanging out with my girlfriends, I know spending some time around other dudes who enjoy similar things makes him even happier. I’m by no means forcing people on Loss but am working on incorporating activities and interests that he has as well, letting us hang out together but with others. I think finding some other couples that we can spend time with will also be a great benefit to both of us individually as well as as a couple, too.


And the best part of socializing? If we want to take a break and just spend time together, its just as sweet, too.


What do you like to do with your friends and other couples when you socialize? I’d love if you shared any awesome ideas you might have!


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