Tea Time at Wildflower


A few weeks ago, my Mom and I took an adventure to Polly Claire’s tea house and today after brunch, Joey and Jacque suggested a visit the Wildflower Tea Shop and Apothecary.

Wildflower is an adorable tea shop that sits just across the street from the Chattanooga Choo Choo and is just gorgeous. The first thing I said when we walked in was “I want to live here!” and Jacque said that had been her initial comment their first visit as well.


The shop is full of vintage looking, mix and match chairs and seating, foliage and various good smelling and good feeling teas and goodies.


We enjoyed two pots of tea, one being a raspberry ginger lemon tea and one more that’s escaping my memory. The price was good and at $8 a pot, we all got a few cups of the yumminess for a pretty good deal.

Loss and I loved the shop and for sure will be back soon. His favorite part, besides the tea, was of course, finding a copy of the Hobbit on the side table.


Thanks for the gorgeous spot to relax, Wildflower, we’ll be back again very soon!


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