Friday & Granny’s Jewels


So here we are, another day of a not huge blog post but I’m still in work mode. I Have to say that I’m loving this new job. It’s awesome to have flexible hours and work on things later into the evening (plus I’ve got a friend coming into town tomorrow so I’d rather work tonight instead of in the morning).

Loss and I did take a little trek out for a bite to eat and a stop at a a local store for a Galentines Day open house, hence the above photo. Shout out to my amazing Granny who gave me this sweet necklace that I had a lot of fun rocking. I’m looking forward to wearing it anytime I have need of the perfect statement piece- thank you for the flair, Granny!

Loss, I, Granny and Uncle Jerry at Thanksgiving. Isn’t my Granny stylish? 

Oh, and side story of how amazing my Granny is- she and my Uncle Jerry read the blog daily and, I dare say, are some of the best readers- and regardless of how many people read this, knowing they keep up with my day to day life this way makes it totally worth it.


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