Going Down a Disney Rabbit Hole


You guys know I love my Disney (mostly) everything and tonight I’ve been pulled into a Disney rabbit hole, for sure.

I finally watched, for the first time ever, The Aristocats that I had borrowed from my mother in law and, well, I need to snuggle some cats. Also after spending that time with a gorgeous hand drawn animation and the voice acting of folks they used repeatedly, I was driven to another film. So now I’m watching Robin Hood. And I’ve got this whole stack (pictured above) that would be fun to go through…

Did someone say ‘cat snuggles’?

And fun fact: whenever I see the opening credits of Robin Hood, it takes me back to the pediatricians office growing up. For some reason I remember it always being shown in the waiting room.

These films just give me a sense of comfort and it just is perfect for a Saturday night like this one.

Do you guys have a favorite classic Disney film? I’d love to find out!


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