A House Decision!

A beautiful, newer kitchen!

We finally have a decision on a house! Of course, our housing hunt went kinda round about til we decided: renting is going to be the key but in a much bigger space.

We looked around at some houses to buy around town with the fantastic Leona at Fletcher Bright Realty. We saw some cute houses that we really liked and a few that we seriously considered, but it didn’t wind up feeling quite right. Luckily, Meg let us know one of the townhomes we were looking at had come up for rent again. It was super lucky, considering it was the first place in town we’d been interested in renting for a year or two.

This closet in the master is epic- plus it has a light in it! #genius

We went to check out the townhome late last week and it was a perfect fit, just as we had been thinking. We’re going to be in a great location that is near so much but is also a little further off the beaten path than our current apartment. Right now, our bedroom backs up to a main road and we hear sirens all night and day, as well as the ones on the interstate that is super near by. I’m looking forward to a good night’s sleep with maybe one siren- it just sounds so exciting.

Pantry space!!!

We’re also so thrilled for the extra space that we’ll be gaining. The townhouse is over double the size of our current apartment and that is just magical. I knew when we picked this small place to start out with in 2015, it would be getting small eventually. I also knew that we’d appreciate being able to grow in our space as time passed, too. Certainly both are true.

So we start moving in March 1 and we are so stoked. Now to get some more packing done!


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