Moving: All the Laundry


Thing’s have started moving recently, so we’ve started some steps to make our move easier.

Let’s just say I’m on load 8 of laundry and I’m about over it, but it’ll be worth it. Loss dropped me off at my parent’s house (after they had headed out of town) and I’ve been here all afternoon doing laundry and working on my paperwork.

All that laundry 

My plan is to go through and wash everything we have (pretty much) to start off our life at the new, much more organized townhouse. I also plan to leave the clothes we don’t wear as much here at my parent’s house until we start moving into the new place, along with going through it to donate quite a bit. It’s super obvious how much of our wardrobes we don’t actually wear and it doesn’t ever hurt too much to slim that down.

So here’s to another load or two of laundry til I’m done- for this trip. Fun thing is by doing the work today, I still have a pretty good weekend ahead.

I hope you guys have an awesome weekend!


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