Bob’s Valentines Burgers


One of our favorite shows that Loss and I watch together is Bob’s Burgers. We quote it often, Loss has practically worn out his shirt with the family on it and we’ve had a handful of burgers out of the “Bob’s Burgers Burger Book. For Valentines, I took a look through the book and found the “I Heartichoke You Burger” to try out.


The burger toppings reminded me a lot of Eggplant Parmesan and other Italian food,  based with tomatoes and artichokes. Loss cooked it up with most of the ingredients listed in the book (the marjoram is oregano, by the way, I had to look it up) and didn’t include a few of the spices but it was really good. We also accidentally forgot the cheese but a slice of mozzarella would be wonderful on the top of this baby, alongside the parmesan that was listed in the ingredients.


If you haven’t checked out this book and love Bob’s or burgers, check it out. The book has some great puns and images and I mean, look at these end pages…

Makes me want to get that adult coloring book and get to work…

Do you guys have this cook book? Have you made any burgers of the day from the show before? I highly suggest them!


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