Easy Hot or Cold Valentine’s Treats

I’ve been thinking about some easy Valentine’s treats for you and your sweetie or galentines this week- either hot or cold. While it’s not all create it at home, it can be enjoyed at home. So, take your pick: hot or cold?

Hot: Coffee Hot Chocolate topped with a Heart


For the hot option, I made a yummy mix of coffee and hot chocolate, topped with these cute marshmallows. The coffee makes it perfect for the morning (or afternoon) cup and the hot chocolate makes it just sweet enough. The pink hearts are strawberry and taste pretty yummy, plus they’re only .89 at my local Aldi for a bag!

Cold: Blizzards at Dairy Queen


Sometimes you just want a little chocolate (or a lot, in my case). Add to that a sweet coupon or special and it’s on. We happened to have a buy one get one free coupon from Dairy Queen for blizzards and I know some other coupons are floating around out there.

If ice cream isn’t quite your speed, pick up your pal/gal/guy an iced coffee (or not) coffee or frap. Leave them their favorite pint of ice cream in the freezer. Don’t want to worry about things staying cold? Pick up a small bag of their favorite candy for a treat.

Loss and I do small things for each other instead of one big thing- it makes more sense to do that than blow it out for a random holiday- I’d rather save up for a big vacation or something.

What do you prefer? Do you have a go to Valentines plan? Let me know in the comments!


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