Weekend After Valentine’s Date

After a busy week, Loss and I finally went on our Valentine’s date. We tried to eat at one of our other favorite places but it was booked up so we headed to Edleys. It opened last fall here in Chattanooga and we’ve been trying to get there for a while.

It’s hard to read (thanks phone camera) but you can still see how pretty the place is.

We had bbq and catfish and fried pickles- and it was delish. We enjoyed our food so much and brought a lot of it home, too. We will certainly be back- especially when we can eat on the huge, gorgeous deck area.

Yum! Fried catfish, sides and fried pickles…you can see how much we enjoyed it!

Loss was also sweet and took my subtle hint of “hey if you wanna buy flowers, that’s totally cool” and picked up some bright flowers. It’s been so gloomy and yucky out, I’m so stoked to have these to brighten things up.

It was an awesome excuse to do my make up up a little more than normal, too

Do you guys celebrate Valentine’s on the day of or before or after?


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