Getting Towards the End

Warning: I don’t mean for this to be a rant. It might come off that way. If so, I apologize in advance. 

See? A real kitchen awaits!

I’m about done, friends. I’m about done with this apartment. We get the keys to our new townhouse in 9 days and I’m beyond ready. It’s strange once you get something more than what you have, how quickly the new thing is what you want. Knowing we have a space that is over double space of this place and is so much nicer- not an apartment with 2 years of wear on it- it’s almost at a frustrating level.

We’ve been talking about moving out since last fall and now that we’re getting closer, I can’t help but pick out how the tub drips all the time at the hottest level possible, the light in the kitchen needs to be changed and the doors outside are missing some of their rubber that keeps the water out. The apartment feels damp in certain areas a lot lately with all the rain we’ve had.

Apartment breezeway photos are almost over, friends.

I’m thankful we have had a place that is central to both of our jobs for the past two years, but we’ve grown in many different ways- including our needs. We are so excited to have more space to spread out in the townhouse and the fact we’ll have a room that is going to be our office/guest room. The kitchen is an entire room, as opposed to our current galley that backs into the living room. Loss says he’s excited to invite folks over for dinner. It just looks like an all around amazing upgrade.

So, we’ll be here, waiting and slowly working on getting things packed up and ready to get situated in the new place.


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