2019 Running Game Plan


Welcome to 2019! I know, I know, it’s half way through March & my 2019 training finally is starting up, as of today.

Dad & I had a blast (except that one race I got a migraine after) doing the Park Tour races. 

As I mentioned in my Princess Half write up (I’ll have more thoughts on RunDisney & what I learned to do and definitely NOT do soon!), I had a busy race season before heading to that race that was my cherry on top. I had 3 other half marathons under my belt since October, 10 races in the TN Park Tour Series (the first 5 Saturdays of the year had me at a race, traveling across the state). I completed my 10th race at the Cedars of Lebanon Frostbite Half on February 2 and didn’t have a desire to do anything until Princess. And that’s what I did.

That medal was so worth the effort of the Princess Half!

Three weeks later, I ran my race at Princess and then my season was over. I was done. I was ready for no stress & no worrying about running.

I’ve been thinking about what the game plan was going to be when I got back into it, then I got to wondering if I’ll ever get there. I gave myself two more weeks & said I’ll get on it the next weekend. I had made the absolute deadline the week after this one. I’ve signed up to volunteer at a race this Saturday and was hopeful doing so would get me inspired and moving again.


Then the sun came out. It has run for 2-3 weeks just on and off. A lot. It’s been so gray and gloomy. A few days this week, the sun finally returned and it has been so lovely. I had already discussed going back to basics and working on intervals with Dad (aka Coach) and he pointed out the plan outlined in our training log (pictured above; it has lots of other awesome info in it as well. After seeing their Runner’s Handbook and reading from Dad’s copy, I think I’ll be asking for a copy myself soon, too). I won’t share the exact layout of the plan due to copyrights and fun legal stuff, but let’s just say I’m going back to the very beginning again. I know I can do distance but I’m ready to focus on more consistent running during the time on the road and speeding up.


The beginner option in this plan has the goal of running a solid 20 minutes and today we started on that trek. Loss was awesome and volunteered to come out on the run with me today. We headed downtown and ran/walked around the Walnut Street Bridge and Coolidge Park (coincidentally it also has a great bathroom stop there). He did an awesome job of distracting and continually inspiring me. I told him that I don’t want to make him do something he doesn’t want to do but for now, we’re looking at some 5ks together this spring and summer.

We started out slow today and I’m having to remind myself to be patient: these intervals are slower than I’d like them to be right now. You can see the average mile pace here. It was a little hard to be cool with having less than 2 miles on the record for the day. Let’s just say there’s a reason I ordered this wrap from Momentum Jewelry: Find Joy in the Journey (more on that later on I’m sure… the journey is something I have to really be cool with). These tasks will take time, they will work and I can’t doubt the training- the past has already told us that. So here we are, ready to start this year 2 journey of running.

I’m glad you’ll be along for this journey.

Tell me this, do you have to remind yourself to slow down and enjoy the process? It can be any area of life, honestly.  I’ll take all the secrets you have to share!


Thanks for reading!


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