Just Registered! WDW Marathon Weekend


It’s mid-August & I’ve been admittedly dragging my feet on Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend registration- until today.

I was debating on doing the half marathon to get vengeanace on my Princess Half DNF , but after some discussion with my amazing running soulmate in Florida, Holly, I made my big decision.

We were talking about how stressed out the half marathon would make me for most of the trip (resting plenty before the race, watching what I eat, etc.- granted I’ll still be watching these things but this plan isn’t as intense) & I realized I don’t really want all of that. I’ve got my favorite of favorites, the Chickamauga Battlefield Half Marathon on the calendar in November and possibly the Cedars of Lebanon Frostbite Half Marathon in February (big maybe), I don’t really want to do a 4-5 half filled fall/winter running season. My goal this year is to work on speed, not distance neccesarily.

My fave photo from Princess 2019 ❤

That being said, the Marathon Weekend races all opened up a day ago & it was my time to register- I decided to sign up for the 5k for Loss & I & the 10k on my own.

I’ve wanted Loss to do a RunDisney race since I did Princess last year, I wanted him to see what was so cool about it, not only from the expo & the spectator areas, I want him to experience it. Maybe he’ll get the bug…maybe!  Also, I haven’t done any race beyond the half & am excited to cover a shorter distance & be able to go on with my park day afterwards as well.

As far as the 10k goes, I’ll admittedly say that Jen Lefforge, one of my favorite youtube vloggers, inspired me. She runs RD races & on one of her trips, she only did the 10k. This helped me remember it’s ok to run a 10k. You don’t always have to do a half- it’s ok (more on this thought later). Besides, this is the “big vacation” that Loss & I are taking for 2020- I want to be able to enjoy the bulk of it without stressing over a huge race the next day.

Did I mention that friends, old and new, are the best part of a RD weekend? 

This time around with my RunDisney race, I’m looking for this weekend to be fun and a celebration of running. At Princess it was partially this, but for 2020, I am SO excited for this to be the case. If nothing else, I am stoked to spend time in the Marathon Weekend excitement. While I enjoyed Princess, there’s something to having events that are a little more “athletic focused” than Princess themed (no tea, no shade. I’m not the most girly girl though Rapunzel does make me cry everytime I meet her-I love my princesses! I’ll write more on this later, after the race weekend is complete).

I am so excited to meet so many folks that I have found through so many different communities, podcasts & youtube channels online. From Joyful Miles, Team Shenanigans, Go Find Your Awesome & all the wonderful & inspiring people who are behind & part of these groups, I cannot wait to meet you all. I am excited to say hello in person, probably give you a hug if that’s okay, maybe get a little emotional & nerd out over all things running & Disney with you. I already know that these moments & all of these people & the community that I have found are going to be the best part of my weekend. And why I’ll be back. (Yeah, I said it. I’ll be back. Again. Remember when I said “got the bug”?) .

Let’s go do it again! 

So I’ve gotta know: are you going to be at Marathon Weekend? Are you running? Volunteering? Cheering on runners? I know it’s early, but let me know!


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