WDW for Newbies: Overview


If you’ve been around the blog for a minute, you know that I like lots of things, from running to working with kids to just being silly. Somehow, all those things kind of intersect at my love of the Disney Parks (ok, maybe not the working with kids intersects, but I do enjoy being childlike, so that works for me).

This child-like lady loves the character of Rapunzel 

I just found out that one of my oldest friends is going on her first trip to Walt Disney World & she’s asked me to help her through most parts of the planning process.  This has my brain working in overdrive & I’ve been thinking of all the things to share withe her.

Knowing that there are so many moving parts to planning a Disney World vacation, I’ve been thinking about how intimidating it can be to plan a first (or second or third) trip to the World.  Gone are the days of being able to just walk into the parks and get everything done on your to do list (unless it’s a very short list), but I don’t say that to scare anyone.

My favorite little nook in the Magic Kingdom ❤

So this post is going to start it off for the series. I’ll put a running list of links at the bottom of this post as they go up & I look forward to compiling spots to check out, places to avoid, tricks & tips as well.  Don’t worry about it, I’ll be honest- I don’t think I can be anything else!

If you have any questions about anything, let me know, I can talk about all of this for days.

If nothing else, most importantly of all, Remember to have fun!


Rainbow Ear Mickey


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