Spring Half Training: Week 1


So how’s this training journal going to go? I’ll be throwing up a picture, stats & any notes on the run. Perhaps some reflections. We’ll see what shows up. Let’s do it!

Day 1: Monday


Plan: 30 minutes   Actual: 2 miles, 34:35

Week 1 of half marathon training started kinda wet. I threw on a hat & a borrowed windjacket (thanks, Dad- & thanks for taking me to the park!) & took a sprinkle filled trek to the park for 30 minutes to start my training plan.  Oh, and let’s say it, I enjoy some running in the rain as long as it isn’t a downpour, so it was really nice to get out & move.

Day 2: Wednesday

Sometimes you have to find some pre & post run snacks before you can get out & do the thing.

Plan: 30 minutes   Actual: 2 miles, 31:27

Was not feeling it after dropping Loss off at work but I decided that I was going to do the thing after grabbing a few snacks. Found the Justin peanut butter pouches are nice for a prerun fuel- & later on in the week I stocked up on them. And it definitely made me feel better- plus I was able to go a little faster than my previous run & that made me super excited.


Bonus 20 minute, 1 mile walk around the house to work towards the 4×4 March badge on Strava.

Day 3:  Saturday – Chattanooga 150 Classic 5k 

Chattanooga Classic 150 Medal
When your long run lines up with a 5k & it includes running with your running bff, it’s a really good day.

Plan: 3 miles  Actual: 3.1, 49:32

The first long run for this training plan matched up with the Chattanooga Classic 150 5k at Erlanger Chattanooga Marathon weekend. Amanda completed the race with me as she was getting hyped up to PR the half marathon the next day (spoiler: she rocked it & did! Super proud of her!). We jogged/ran & walked some of the race & I realized that I need to do some definite strength training on these glutes. But we finished, had fun, practiced running while talking (much needed for some long runs down the road together, hopefully!) & my Dad won his age group in the 5k. It was a good morning, capped off by he & I visited Kenny’s Southside for the first time- super strong & great coffee, by the way. I will be back with Loss!


Also, that race photo at the top of the page…I was beyond thrilled for an awesome finish line photo with my friend. Those don’t always happen everyday!

So that’s week 1! Loved being able to wrap it up with a run with a friend & have a baseline for some upcoming 5ks. My goal from here is to complete the GraduRun in 2 weeks in 47 minutes, so we’ll see how that goes!



Week 1 mileage: 8.1

Half training mileage total: 8.1


See ya’ll in Week 2!


You can follow along on Strava & can check out what I’m listening to on my runs with this Spotify playlist!

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