Winter Sucks, Let’s Go Spring: Training Plan


Winter sucks. A lot. This probably doesn’t come as a shock but I’m calling it over after today. (I know the snow pics look nice & I’m smiling but we had ONE snow day this year. And that one was fun. But that was it.)

Real talk: I haven’t been feeling like myself since January. SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is real. Gray, gross & cold days are the worst. But finally there’s some sunlight and I’m getting back on this running thing.

The sun that has magically appeared some recently along with encouragement from friends has helped point me towards really thinking about my goals for Spring & what is next. So, after much consideration, what’s ahead is a new training plan for the season.

What’s the plan? For now, I’m working the Jeff Galloway experienced runner half marathon plan, from the RunDisney webiste. It’s an easy plan with only 3 days of work & is freely available at that link. It spans 19 weeks and I will be adding some cross training on other days.

Team Worst Pace Scenario at the CTC 50 Minute run in January (that’s me in the pink in the middle)

And what’s even better is my plan to keep the blog updated as I train. I do not have a half marathon that is my goal race but I just want to get back into running shape & do some races in the months ahead. I’m also working towards my 50 miles for 50 years with the Chattanooga Track Club, too.

So here’s to the training!



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