Half Spring Training: Week 2

Day 1: Monday


Plan: 30 Minutes Actual: 4.24 miles, 1:12:29

I was lucky enough to have time to hit the Riverwalk in Downtown Chattanooga with Dad & get a run in. I was stoked to have more time than normal to get out & go, so we hit the trail & went for it. I used the 30 minutes as a guideline but wanted to do more than that, given my schedule. I decided to go ahead & try for 4 miles and got a little bit more than that.

Best part of the run? Easily the fact that I JOGGED MY FIRST NON STOP MILE! I know, I know, you’d think a gal who has completed 5 half marathons would have done that by now, but, well, nope. I probably did sometime before but this was the first time I made a point to go from one mile marker to another & do the thing. Let’s just say it has been a huge confidence builder for me even thought it may seem trivial.

It was also nice since this run was ended with coffee with Dad, even though it was closer to lunch time. Gotta love runs with Dad & all the coffee afterwards.

Bonus: Tuesday Morning Walk


Plan:Actual: 1.6 mi, 32:37

I woke up feeling good & ready to do it- maybe this getting in a habit thing is working. Hopefully! Took Loss to work & had on my raincoat, ready to get a little walk in.

Listened to the amazing Mario Fraoli’s “Morning Shakeout” podcast with Aliphine Tuliamuk, female winner of the US Olympic Marathon trials in Atlanta two weeks ago. The interview was super inspirational, as the Shakeout tends to be. I love how genuine & real Mario is in his discussions with folks in the running industry & I highly suggest the podcast.

Day 2: Wednesday

Plan: 30 Minutes Actual: 4 Miles, 1:10

Hit the Riverwalk with Dad for a lunch run. My legs were feeling somewhat tired after running & walking the past two days (I know, may not seem like much but newbie over here) so it was more walking than running, but got some good stretches of jogging in. Getting a half mile segment in isn’t quite as daunting now & I’m working on using it as my interval marker as I go up in mileage. As I told Dad, I may jog slow but it’s not walking & I am so proud to be working on that- get the distance down & add the speed later.

Oh, and I saw a fox as I was leaving. An IRL fox. I’ll share a grainy photo but know I was picturing Jason Bateman’s character from Zootopia as I watched it from afar, driving out of the park.

And the rest of the week…


It got a little nuts. A lot nuts. Corona nuts. And there was some anxiety & grocery shopping & staying around the house a lot. Spent a while listening to & watching Disney podcasts & videos & doing some watercolor painting.

Thankfully being outside (not in a group) is a fine thing to do with this whole Covid-19 deal, so running will be taking place. I know that I need it. This weekend has been one that I decided to just do my thing & relax & be. Running will be there & schedules will be fluxuating some.  So there it is. Week 2. Missed a run but took care of myself. That’s what matters.

Take care of yourselves friends, we’ll see what’s up with next week.



Week 1 mileage: 8.1

Half training mileage total: 17.9


You can follow along on Strava & can check out what I’m listening to on my runs with this Spotify playlist!

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