Whoa, What’s Going on Here?



Getting by with the Cattitude.

I’ve missed you guys the past two weeks! Let’s just be up front and say it now: training came to a full stop 2 weeks ago. The world has also kinda turned upside down.

Thankfully, L and I are staying healthy along with our families (besides my stupid pollen allergies popping up. Ugh, POLLEN!) and I’m doing my work from home while he’s still going into work and we’re avoiding Covid-19, as far as we know so far (no symptoms & doing as much self quaranting as much as possible).

I CAN dress it up when I need to, even for working at home. Making a point to still get dressed daily.

Going into my third week of working from home, I *think* it’ll be the week it clicks. The new routine is something that I’m getting there with. Of course, my job never has two days in a row that look exactly the same, so I’m working on it.

But this is how it’s mostly been..including the allergy tissues in the floor.

In the meantime, I’ll be putting together a few posts about life in self quarantine because why not document it? I am looking forward to sharing a few things I’ve been enjoying the past few weeks that are helping keep me sane.

So here we go & as my friend Carleigh said to me tonight, “Carpe the Corona”.

Here here!



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