Friday & Granny’s Jewels

So here we are, another day of a not huge blog post but I'm still in work mode. I Have to say that I'm loving this new job. It's awesome to have flexible hours and work on things later into the evening (plus I've got a friend coming into town tomorrow so I'd rather work... Continue Reading →

Black Friday Baking

Today was officially an awesome time. My mom and I got to make some delish dishes and spend the day hanging out in the kitchen. We made some great recipes and have a party's worth of holiday goodies to share here on the blog soon. It was super fun and the cookie dough we got... Continue Reading →

WCW: My Mother-in-Law

This week's Women Crush Wednesday is all about a lady who seems to do it all: my mother-in-law Vicky. I've known this sweet lady since the summer of 2012 (we spent a lot of time at Loss' parents house when we dated). Vicky blows my mind. She does that thing moms do the best: somehow... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Dinner 1

Since the holidays can be so busy, my parents set Thanksgiving a few weeks ahead and we had a feast today with my Granny and Uncle Jerry. I haven't seen them in quite a while and it was so awesome to hang out and just cut up for a bit with them. The festivities began... Continue Reading →

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