Saturday OOTD

Somehow, thanks to the insanity that is weather in the southeast, it was in the mid-50's today outside. Compared to the lows we've had this past week (snow days, anyone?), I was so stoked to throw on a skirt and not freeze. I was mostly excited to rock my new Stitch 626 denim jacket. I... Continue Reading →

Saturday Date Night OOTD 

Loss got off work a little bit earlier than normal, so we wound up getting to spend a chill day together. We had an awesome late brunch & spent some quality time, I got a sweet nap and then we decided to go out and grab some coffee for a mini date night. So now,... Continue Reading →

A New Look, A New Day

**This post has affiliate links. You click & buy, I get a little change. Blogging doesn't pay much, you know** I went on an adventure to Target this weekend to look at fall clothes to share with you all and was surprised to find a fantastic new line, A New Day. A New Day is... Continue Reading →

Rocking it: The Tiki Dress

When the weather gets warm, I get to rocking dresses. And they're all I want to wear all summer.  There's nothing better than just throwing on a dress and heading out the door- and I'm thrilled to have found my new fave. I call this green dress the tiki dress and it was a super... Continue Reading →

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