Easy Hot or Cold Valentine’s Treats

I've been thinking about some easy Valentine's treats for you and your sweetie or galentines this week- either hot or cold. While it's not all create it at home, it can be enjoyed at home. So, take your pick: hot or cold? Hot: Coffee Hot Chocolate topped with a Heart For the hot option, I... Continue Reading →

Bob’s Valentines Burgers

One of our favorite shows that Loss and I watch together is Bob's Burgers. We quote it often, Loss has practically worn out his shirt with the family on it and we've had a handful of burgers out of the "Bob's Burgers Burger Book. For Valentines, I took a look through the book and found... Continue Reading →

Bye Bye Christmas

Today I got to town on our Christmas decor & I remembered a little trick I set up for myself in early December... When I picked up my Christmas wrapping paper, I got a frame and loaded up the fun Hatch Show wedding print. My sweet friend Heather works at Hatch Show in Nashville and... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year!

We're partying til dawn (jk, not even midnight and more like just chilling..) but regardless, Happy New Year from Loss and I!  See ya on the flip side in 2018!

Christmas Bucketlist Review

A few weeks ago, in November, I shared with you all our 2017 Christmas Bucketlist. As I mentioned in the original post, I borrowed the idea from Kelle Hampton and you can check out her original post along with her other amazing content on her blog. So let's get down to business...how did we do?... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas! 

Loss and I hope you had an amazing Christmas! We enjoyed the day with his family and I'm excited to work some of our new goodies into the house-sitting especially the new bluetooth speaker and coffee maker from his parents!  What were some of the goodies you received?

It’s Christmas Weekend! 

So it's time to kick back, relax, do some gifting and family and friends time.  If you're me, tonight involves some pizza, futon laying on and TCM films.  Have an awesome weekend and holiday! 

Cats in Boxes at Christmas

Last night I gave my parents their Christmas gift and the box has been taken over- by their cats.  I love that the furry fellows have taken over and made the box their way to celebrate the holiday as well!

Prep Time Crunch Time 

We had a fantastic weekend hanging out and getting pretty much all of our Christmas shopping knocked out and wrapping it up, too. I'm so stoked it's taken care of, but that has left us at crunch time. This weekend, my good friend Ken who lives in Orlando is coming to spend a long weekend... Continue Reading →

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