Holiday Bucket List: Christmas Cards

So, I'm officially a holiday nerd and have some of my Christmas cards already ready to go (sans a stamp). Yeah, I've already written out a box full of cards that I picked up last year at the end of the season- and they're super cute! I don't tend to mail them to folks I... Continue Reading →

Spirit Day

You might be wondering what I mean exactly by Spirit Day, but this one is to stand up for bullying and those in the LGBTQ+ student community. Glaad has shared some stats from their site promoting the day and they are heartbreaking.   As someone who has a heart for students, these states are upsetting.... Continue Reading →

Friendship Pt. 1

I'll probably have many different posts on friendship before it's all said and done, but here's pt. 1 for today...   Lena Waithe and Aziz Ansari won an Emmy last night for an episode of the awesome show Master of None on Netflix. The episode was co-written by the two and was inspired by Lena's... Continue Reading →

Nerdy Turning 30

  So it has happened: my 30th birthday has come and gone. It was pretty cool, nothing too over the top. My day was a Friday off work with Loss and a few of my favorite things: a trip to a photo booth (a birthday tradition for us), a free Mellow Mushroom pizza, diving face... Continue Reading →

Coming Out as an Ally

June has just started and it's the most rainbow colored month of the year. Yes, June is Pride month and I am beyond excited to celebrate this year. As I wrote about after my March visit to Orlando, I spent time with friends in the LGBT community and got to spend time in their very... Continue Reading →

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