Moving: All the Laundry

Thing's have started moving recently, so we've started some steps to make our move easier. Let's just say I'm on load 8 of laundry and I'm about over it, but it'll be worth it. Loss dropped me off at my parent's house (after they had headed out of town) and I've been here all afternoon... Continue Reading →

Friday & Granny’s Jewels

So here we are, another day of a not huge blog post but I'm still in work mode. I Have to say that I'm loving this new job. It's awesome to have flexible hours and work on things later into the evening (plus I've got a friend coming into town tomorrow so I'd rather work... Continue Reading →

Mail Time!

Sometimes there's nothing better than sending a few packages to friends... So excited for some special folks to get these soon! Can't say who's getting them though...shh!

RuPaul’s Drag Race Ma-Ru-Thon

Logo has been running a marathon of RuPaul's Drag Race since Saturday afternoon. Let's just say besides working, this is what I've been doing. So that's why this post is short. =) Hope you guys have an awesome night!

A Very Good Day

Sometimes you just have an awesome day & you wrap it up having cake and coffee with your sister in law and hubs and really just enjoy the day. I'm very lucky today was one of those days.  

Change is a Comin’ (and it’s OK)

Recently, I've gotten an amazing opportunity for work starting in January. I am so stoked for such an awesome gig that includes so much of what I love and have worked towards throughout my career in education. There's something on my mind though: change is scary. I've been in my current job for 2 years... Continue Reading →

Tuesday In Photos

So instead of a bunch of writing today, I've opted to take another approach on the day's post; photos So, here is the day, no fuss, no muss, Tuesday: Our tea bag holder arrived! Well, it's been on our side porch we never use since Thursday...thanks, Fed Ex. It was chilly this morning & I've... Continue Reading →


When I think about the word balance, I think about staying even and steady. I think about being able to attack both tasks that makes me happy and knock out those that aren't as preferred. I was originally thinking of balance as having a lot to do with not letting go, but it's actually the... Continue Reading →

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