When I think about the word balance, I think about staying even and steady. I think about being able to attack both tasks that makes me happy and knock out those that aren't as preferred. I was originally thinking of balance as having a lot to do with not letting go, but it's actually the... Continue Reading →


Friday November 17

Ya'll, the week has been pretty good but I won't lie, it's one that I'll be calling an early night. Our hours get a little more crazy from here on out through the end of the year, so I'll just say it: I'm going to try so hard to write daily, but there may be... Continue Reading →

Why I Blog

I've had a few people reach out and ask about blogging lately. It's mainly happened since I hit 100 days of posts and I got some comments that made me so happy and feeling pretty special. I was asked if I enjoyed blogging and I said I totally do. That got me to thinking on... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Dinner 1

Since the holidays can be so busy, my parents set Thanksgiving a few weeks ahead and we had a feast today with my Granny and Uncle Jerry. I haven't seen them in quite a while and it was so awesome to hang out and just cut up for a bit with them. The festivities began... Continue Reading →

Busy Saturday Wrap Up

It's been quite a  Saturday full of events, many of them holiday, and it's not even Thanksgiving yet. We've been getting things ramped up for the holidays and work on (and prepping for) trimming the tree and decking the halls while also fittin in a little bit of vegging out (but just a little). I've... Continue Reading →

100 Things I Love

Today is landmark, friends. Today marks 100 days that I've been posting daily here on JLB Nerdy! I haven't missed a day and it's honestly a feat that I wasn't completely sure I'd accomplish. Some of the posts have admittedly not been the best content, but I followed through with my goal to complete something... Continue Reading →

November Apartment Wishlist

As I said a few weeks ago, we've got some company coming around Christmas and have been working on getting things straightened up and a little prettier. This is especially the case so we can put our holiday decorations up (the tree goes up Friday on our date night!) and feel a little more at... Continue Reading →

Phoning it in

I had a rad post planned comparing different make up kits I'm debating purchasing, but a massive sinus headache has hit me. I desperately need this weather to be fallish already & not 75+ degrees outside when it was 50 last weekend. So, here I am eating a little dinner & taking my dumb head... Continue Reading →

TV Time

It's been a while since I wrote about tv, so it's time to share some of what I've been watching lately.... Will and Grace I didn't quite get Will and Grace when it was in the original run, but I am loving the new season. The jokes and story lines are timely and perfect while... Continue Reading →

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