An Ode to Jessi Zazu

2007 is a year that changed my life. I was introduced to Southern Girls Rock and Roll Camp by my friend Heather and jumped in to volunteering at the week long summer camp. During that week of girl power and guitars, photography and zine making, I met a ton of people who would be folks... Continue Reading →


Surprise Make Up Haul

Played with some of the new make up today, though Loss made me feel so beautiful that I didn't need any at all.  Surprises are the best! I was surprised this weekend with a make up haul I didn't even expect. We spent the night with my parents and heading across town, Loss and I... Continue Reading →

The Friday Four #3

The Friday Four is my weekly post to wrap up the week of things I’m digging, am inspired by, things I’m working on or whatever else has been on my mind during the week 1. Gilmore Girls I've watched this series all the way through the series once before and have watched bits and pieces... Continue Reading →

The Closet: Before

Do you ever look at your closet or dresser and just go "UGH!"? I'm there. We have a tiny apartment with very little storage and it's almost driving me batty. It's almost like every time I get it organized and set up, a few things wind up in the floor and it falls apart. I... Continue Reading →

Adulting: Going to One Car

This weekend, we're doing something that makes me nervous: we're going down to one car. Oi vey. There's pretty good reasons to go down to one set of wheels, mainly to save money to buy another one next summer hopefully. We recently learned we had to buy the older car we are borrowing from family... Continue Reading →

Monday Manifesto: Loyalty

Motivation Monday is a series of posts to help inspire the week. It could be quotes, a post on a certain character trait or quality. Read on and hopefully be inspired or at least give these things a thought this week.  Being loyal- that's a trait I seek in others and value almost more than... Continue Reading →

All Things Fall

The days have gotten a little cooler finally and the crispness in the air has me stoked- it's time to start up the best season of all- Fall! This is my favorite season as it feels like a fresh start- blame it on working in schools. On top of that, the leaves start falling, activities... Continue Reading →

How to Throw a Tea Party

A few weeks ago, we threw my awesome mother in law a surprise tea party for her birthday. She has always been a fan of the tea party and has thrown a few for some of our birthdays and just because it's fun. When Meg and I got to brainstorming a surprise party for this... Continue Reading →

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