When I think about the word balance, I think about staying even and steady. I think about being able to attack both tasks that makes me happy and knock out those that aren't as preferred. I was originally thinking of balance as having a lot to do with not letting go, but it's actually the... Continue Reading →

Feeling Beautiful and Awesome

This weekend was a big one for me. After our trip to Nashville, I was thinking about self confidence and how I feel about things. Reflecting on and revisiting the past can do this, I guess. I had a moment of being really happy when talking to a friend. It was an honest, real smile... Continue Reading →

Friendship Pt. 1

I'll probably have many different posts on friendship before it's all said and done, but here's pt. 1 for today...   Lena Waithe and Aziz Ansari won an Emmy last night for an episode of the awesome show Master of None on Netflix. The episode was co-written by the two and was inspired by Lena's... Continue Reading →

Monday Manifesto: Loyalty

Motivation Monday is a series of posts to help inspire the week. It could be quotes, a post on a certain character trait or quality. Read on and hopefully be inspired or at least give these things a thought this week.  Being loyal- that's a trait I seek in others and value almost more than... Continue Reading →

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