My 2017 Spotify Winners

Clearly I've enjoyed dancing with Spotify this year. Lots of RuPaul, Gaga and Katy Perry. Jams. If you need me, I'll be dancing on my own. If you want to see what your Spotify account says about, check it out here. Let me know what your results are!

JLB’s Holiday Playlist

  One of the quickest and easiest ways to get into the holiday spirit is a fantastic holiday music playlist. Thanks to sites like Spotify, these playlists are fun and easy to make. There's nothing better than a rad playlist that you can set on shuffle and go along with your cleaning, party or whatever... Continue Reading →

WCW: Kelly Smith Orcutt

This week's WCW isn't a household name, but she's someone who means a lot to me. As I've written about, Loss and I trekked up to Nashville to see one of my favorite bands ever, Glossary, play their 20th anniversary show. Included in this bunch of rad dudes is Kelly. She has always been a... Continue Reading →

Revelry Room for Live Tunes

  Loss and I don't go to shows very often, unless it's a big special outing. This past weekend, after a week solid of working and coming home to do the same thing the next morning, I was ready to get out of the house.   After dinner Saturday, I suggested we head out and... Continue Reading →

March Tunes

Growing up, music was my constant. I started going to concerts sporadically in high school at an all ages local venue and graduated to going to concerts sometimes 3 nights a week in college- now I wonder how I ever stayed up that late.   The types of tunes and my appetite for them hits... Continue Reading →

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