Rainbow Gear Forever

Ya'll, I'm living for this new sunshine & rainbowx inspired shirt from Old Navy. Bring on spring! What do you wear your brighten up your life?


Saturday OOTD

Somehow, thanks to the insanity that is weather in the southeast, it was in the mid-50's today outside. Compared to the lows we've had this past week (snow days, anyone?), I was so stoked to throw on a skirt and not freeze. I was mostly excited to rock my new Stitch 626 denim jacket. I... Continue Reading →

Chilly Sunday OOTD

We don't always do it, but I love Sundays when my whole family gets together. Today's occasion was my Dad's birthday and it called for a German feast (our lineage trails back to that). So Loss and I got all dressed up in the most winter clothes we could find (it was around 37 degrees... Continue Reading →

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