January 2

I couldn't get a photo I just loved today, after spending a while on getting ready, hence the smirk. Said smirk was followed up by a nice coffee date with Jacque and some great brainstorming for the year. It was a fantastic morning. How's your 2018 going so far?

The Year in Instagram

The other day, I posted about my most played Spotify tunesĀ and I'm stoked to have my top 9 photos of the year. You can find yours at 2017BestNine.com (super original, right?). So how about a quick run down of the photos included (left to right, top to bottom): THE bear: Bass Pro has someĀ  fun... Continue Reading →

Tuesday In Photos

So instead of a bunch of writing today, I've opted to take another approach on the day's post; photos So, here is the day, no fuss, no muss, Tuesday: Our tea bag holder arrived! Well, it's been on our side porch we never use since Thursday...thanks, Fed Ex. It was chilly this morning & I've... Continue Reading →

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