Winning in last place: Missionary Ridge Race Recap

Summer running is rough, especially when you don't do it enough. And I knew that going into today's Missionary Ridge Road Race. My expectations for race day were it was going to hot (yup), humid (so much) & I was going to finish the race (spoiler: I did). It was my third race of the... Continue Reading →

Christmas Bucketlist Review

A few weeks ago, in November, I shared with you all our 2017 Christmas Bucketlist. As I mentioned in the original post, I borrowed the idea from Kelle Hampton and you can check out her original post along with her other amazing content on her blog. So let's get down to did we do?... Continue Reading →

It’s OK to Take a Break

For my Monday introspective post, I am sharing something that I feel is very important to remind folks of: it's ok to take a break. Case in point, I took a week off work in July for vacation. I haven't had a Monday-Friday day off since (except one where i was sick and had to... Continue Reading →

How to Take a Good Photo

Blogging, Instagram and so much more of the internet and social media is based on photos. While I don't feel that I'm super gorgeous or the best at being in photos, I do alright and have some that, I think, look great. ┬áSo, here is my thoughts on How to Take Great Photos. Take Care... Continue Reading →

I Just Don’t Know

I don't know how to feel this morning: I feel sick, I feel terrified, I feel helpless. I can't hardly open twitter these days without getting stressed, sick or just plain upset. Everywhere we turn, it's bad news, statements of intent to hurt other people (from those in power) and people getting in trouble for... Continue Reading →

Feeling Beautiful and Awesome

This weekend was a big one for me. After our trip to Nashville, I was thinking about self confidence and how I feel about things. Reflecting on and revisiting the past can do this, I guess. I had a moment of being really happy when talking to a friend. It was an honest, real smile... Continue Reading →

Origins Original Skin Vox Box Review

**Sponsored Post!! I received these products free from Influenster but these are my honest opinions** I recently joined Influenster to try my hand at it, see how it works and share all my opinions- me opinions? Never! (Ha). I've also been getting more into the realm of health and beauty, so why not learn more... Continue Reading →

Day 31: Complete a Project

You guys, we made it. A month has passed and I wrote a post every single day on self care tasks. This may not seem very significant to you, but it means so much to me. I have a hard time setting goals and attaining them much of the time, especially when it comes to... Continue Reading →

Day 30: Make a Routine

One of the best parts of the 31 Days of Self Care project is having a list compiled here to refer to. I've been making a point to work on these tasks myself, too, and that leads to today's post: make a routine with some of these tasks. So, find a task or two that... Continue Reading →

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