Half Spring Training: Week 2

Day 1: Monday Plan: 30 Minutes Actual: 4.24 miles, 1:12:29 I was lucky enough to have time to hit the Riverwalk in Downtown Chattanooga with Dad & get a run in. I was stoked to have more time than normal to get out & go, so we hit the trail & went for it. I... Continue Reading →

Spring Half Training: Week 1

So how's this training journal going to go? I'll be throwing up a picture, stats & any notes on the run. Perhaps some reflections. We'll see what shows up. Let's do it! Day 1: Monday Plan: 30 minutes¬† ¬†Actual: 2 miles, 34:35 Week 1 of half marathon training started kinda wet. I threw on a... Continue Reading →

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