Where to Find Me: Instagram

  I've had a rough day (I won't lie to you guys and try to always seem like the sun is shining perfectly in the sky), so here's a quick post on where you can find me online: Instagram!   Give me a follow if you're on the app and let me know in the... Continue Reading →


Happy Saturday!

Just wanted to say Happy Saturday to you all! I'm in family mode tonight & have so much make up to share in a haul tomorrow!  Trust me, it's going g to be exciting! 

Day 28: Be Present

One lesson I've really learned over the past month or two is the importance of being present. You might think, "yeah, I'm here, I go to work, I come home, I do my random stuff, I'm present". Well, kinda. Yes, you are there, but are your mind and body both really there? I've tended to... Continue Reading →

Creating Art

  I like to paint every now and then. It destresses me and helps me calm down. I get into moods where I just have to create. When those moods hit, I typically head for the acrylic or watercolor paint and go to town.   I enjoy sharing my work with friends and family and... Continue Reading →

Friday Five: November 4

It's the weekend again and this lady is stoked!  So here's the rundown of the top 5 things this week: 1) My Calendar Notebook I posted my calendar notebook on the last Small Biz Saturday and I just gotta say, I love this thing. Even though not all the days wind up staying with the... Continue Reading →

GMX 2016: Amazing Cosplays!

One of the best parts of GMX is seeing the amazing cosplays that folks have spent so much time working on, so I wanted to share some of the awesomeness with you guys as well... Green Arrow...don't call him Hawkeye. Trust me. I realized my error after a moment and profusely apologized. Just don't. These... Continue Reading →

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