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Creating Art



I like to paint every now and then. It destresses me and helps me calm down. I get into moods where I just have to create. When those moods hit, I typically head for the acrylic or watercolor paint and go to town.


I enjoy sharing my work with friends and family and have a tendency to pass it out to people who are positive and compliment the work.  One of my proudest moments, as far as creating is concerned, was arriving at a friend’s house hundreds of miles away and they had multiple pieces I had painted and drawn hanging up around the house, it’s the best feeling.


I tend to not have the fanciest tools or have the best techniques and I’d probably embarrass a “real” art student, but who cares. I do this because I enjoy it and because it makes me feel good. It’s also kinda fun and sometimes a little scary looking at a finished piece and figuring out the subconscious meaning behind it.


There’s something about being a little more crude and unprecise with my work and playing with styles that brings me joy. My heroes in art vary from Andy Warhol to Jean-Michel Basquiat to street art wondertwins, Os Gemeos. I don’t worry about staying in the lines, unless I’m working on an abstract inspired piece with nothing but lines and patterns on top of the various colors. So much truly depends on how I’m feeling at the moment.  I don’t often use words in my paintings unless the piece calls for it to truly express what it’s trying to say. Generally speaking, words mean a quote inspired what I had to paint. The “Love is Love” painting I created recently is the most wordy work that I’ve done probably ever.


So that’s a little peek into my artsy world. There’s often not much better than just going to work and finding something complete in the end, even if I don’t always know what it’ll be when I begin.  Here’s to self expression!

Friday Five: November 4

It’s the weekend again and this lady is stoked!  So here’s the rundown of the top 5 things this week:

1) My Calendar Notebook

I posted my calendar notebook on the last Small Biz Saturday and I just gotta say, I love this thing. Even though not all the days wind up staying with the exact ideas written in, the calendars are definitely helping me stay focused in on what I need to do, along with keeping track of new ideas. I’m the type of person who isn’t the most organized in life but has good intentions and some good moments, so I hope this book is helping me turn that way for the long haul.
2) 4 Day Weeks

These are my fave, just in case you were wondering. Yay to the weekend again!


I might need this Tervis.


3) Tervis

I carried my Tervis all weekend at GMX and love it so much. It’s my daily coffee fix giver and can be remicrowaved when I get too busy at work and can hold cold drinks as well.  I didn’t realize how much I’d love it, but I really do.

4) Volunteering

At GMX, Loss and I volunteered and I spent part of my time in the media relations room. It was pretty awesome to get the behind the scenes look at how things work and also meet some fellow media folks. I’m hopeful to fill the same role again next year!

5) Vacation/ Rest

You guys, I didn’t realize how awesome a little vacay is. After 4 nights away from home, we had a nice time away and really appreciated coming home as well. I’m looking forward to another weekend away come January, too!



GMX 2016: Amazing Cosplays!

One of the best parts of GMX is seeing the amazing cosplays that folks have spent so much time working on, so I wanted to share some of the awesomeness with you guys as well…


Green Arrow…don’t call him Hawkeye. Trust me. I realized my error after a moment and profusely apologized. Just don’t.


These Ghostbusters are part of the Tennessee Ghostbusters group, who do volunteer work throughout the communities and have some amazing gear.


Ms. Frizzle is the best! Takes me back to 2nd grade, watching the shows and reading the books.


Oh, look, somehow a photo of me slipped in there! This is me doing my best kawaii/fairy kei style outfit. Though I’m thinking a Cheshire Cat set of ears and tail and then I’m really rocking out the full potential of the cosplay.


No Capes! I saw this adorable Edna Mode (from the Incredibles) and couldn’t keep from laughing as she gave me her most fierce look in this photo.


Mabel and Waddles = love


Doc Bolt as a steampunk Oregon Trail trekker..the whole thing included a rideable covered wagon!

Kylo Ren hanging out with BB8


Sorcerer Mickey for the win!


Wall-E and Eve…I’m realizing I took pics of all of the Disney cosplays I saw, pretty much.


The Akaicon lady..super sweet and such an awesome cosplay!


Black Panther…I loved him in Avengers Age of Ultron! I got a little exited to see him walking around.

img_3371One of the handful of Trekkies I saw. Such a rad Tricorder.


Hope you’ve enjoyed the little look into the convention halls (and courtyard) to see what amazing things are going on at GMX!



Small Biz Saturday: The Notebook

In the effort to get organized and get this thing called JLB Nerdy Social Media Services (name still being worked on), I decided to start a notebook for the job.

I found an extra notebook at my parents’ house and got to work. I printed off some calendar pages for the rest of this year and 2017 as well and threw in some dividers and got to tracking. I can’t recall the exact place I got the pages but I added a little color while watching Gilmore Girls this week. Check out Pinterest though, it’s a goldmine of free printables.


I’ve currently gotten a general “life” calendar in the front for important dates, along with a section for this here JLBnerdy blog and also the client I am currently working for. Going this way, I can plan ahead and have blog or promotion ideas mapped out ahead of time.

So here’s to getting organized and knowing what’s going on- here’s to making the freelance life the one that is full time!





Friday Five: Halloween Edition

It’s that spookiest time of year and I’m so excited about all that’s going on recently, so here’s my Friday Five: Halloween Edition.

What am I digging, you ask?


  1. Downtown Chattanooga

I didn’t realize that starting more blogging would make this me turn into a Chattanooga blogger, but alas, it has. Recently I’ve written about our Day Date and Two Ten Jack adventure, the Chattanooga Public library and also the Boo at the Zoo event-I have to say I do truly love my city and get super pumped when we find new places and old favorites to go to!



2. Dressing Nice

With more outings and events lately, along with the nice Fall-like weather we have had some, Loss and I have enjoyed getting a little more dressed up lately. Getting to put on some outfits that feel good and look good and head out is just nice. There’s something about not burning up in 90+ degree temps that make one enjoy getting dressed for once.



3. Costumes and Cosplays

As we’re getting all prepped for GMX (more on that in a minute), it’s costume and cosplay time! We’ve been working on ours some and I’m looking so forward to seeing what other folks have to show off this weekend. As for now, this picture with the Flash and a pared down version of Poison Ivy, it’s a fave of mine.



4. Fall Mornings

This morning, I took advantage of not being able to sleep in and just love it. 50 degrees, a good cup of coffee and a nice little lovingly made quilt- it’s the best.

Happy, Chill Morning Times



5. Geek Media Expo

I am so stoked, guys! We are currently prepping for Geek Media Expo (aka GMX) that is this weekend in Nashville, TN. Loss and I are volunteering this time around and I’m pretty excited to get to see another side of the convention as well. Don’t worry, folks, you’ll be hearing all about GMX in the next week or so- it’s almost time to get started and have some fun!

Have a great weekend, Friends!



A Night Out: Boo at the Zoo

One of my favorite things to do in Chattanooga is definitely the holiday events at the Chattanooga Zoo.  The zoo teams up with Chattanooga Therapeutic Recreation Services and the city of Chattanooga to sponsor an evening at Halloween and Christmas for families with special needs children and adults.

These folks rock!

I’ve got a Masters in special education and Loss’ younger brother is on the autism spectrum, so this world is super close to my heart and everyday life. I love seeing families and also those who are older and in group homes or similar settings get dressed up and having fun meeting characters and trick or treating. I may have teared up a few times because how warm and fuzzy it made my little heart.

The amazing Flash!

While we were there, I ran into my friend from camp a few years back, the Flash and his mom and was so stoked to see how much this kiddo has grown. He has a special place in my heart- he wanted to read books inside instead of playing outside during the hot summer days.


I met a large cat character, Loss’ little brothers and nephew trick or treated and played games around the zoo and we checked out animals as well.

Loss and his brother, Nick, were Rick and Morty from the Adult Swim show
I saw cute alpacas!
Cat Lady much?
And Bat Girl!

Along with all of the volunteers, there was also a group of cosplayers in amazing costumes on hand to take pictures and interact with the crowd. I, of course, had to get my photo with the Bat Girl in the amazing cosplay that I need in my life (she gave me the hint to check for the Simplicity pattern this time of year!).

The same folks also run an awesome holiday event in December that is one of my favorite things to do with all the kiddos and siblings on Loss’ side of the family. Thank you, Chattanooga Zoo & City of Chattanooga for running such amazing events continually and supporting and bringing out a community who might not always feel like they have events for them. You guys are seriously amazing!



New Best Place: The Library


As you’ve seen in what I’ve documented so far on the blog, I’m into saving money when I can and am also looking to get my freelance work done lately. These ideas have finally intersected in my new favorite place: the library!

These chairs take me back to my childhood

I spent much time at the library growing up and look back fondly on the summer reading programs that were held at the Chattanooga Public Library. I’m a proud owner of some really awesome patches and buttons from those summers spent reading, too- worth all that work. But alas, I’d fallen off the library train and when I was looking for a book for cheap the other day, it hit me- go borrow one! So I went to our closest branch and got set up with a card and got some ebooks on the kindle.


I told Loss about the idea of getting some work done so we headed downtown to the main branch of the library and scoped it out. Besides finding films, music, graphic novels, comics and even zines, I fell for the Fourth Floor.

The Sewing Area

The space is a catch all for creating. It’s got a vinyl printing area, a sewing area, workspaces, zine library and all kinds of other goodies. I spread out at a table and spent about two hours planning for the freelance gig I’ve got going and this little blog right here. It was amazing to have some space with some ambient noise, but nothing too loud, along with other folks who are working on their own ideas and projects too.

Part of the Zine Library

We’re planning on going back again soon for more working and more reading, so the words on the wall must be right: “You’re in the Right Place”!


Do you frequent your local library? Any perks that I should look into for our new found library adventuring?


Oh, and a perk of being downtown: this view and colors and birds: