Working Hard

Today we spent some time working hard on some projects to come soon, so here's a photo of a cat with a hat on. You're welcome.

Step Out

My friend Carleigh sent me this last week and it is truly what I'm thinking for the new year.  I've got some rad posts coming up & look forward to sharing them with you in the next few weeks! 

31 Days of Moving Update

It's funny how things work when I'm writing. I've got a few topics to write about floating around my brain at most times and I usually pull the one that is most relevant to what's going on or I have a connection to for some reason that day. Today is another one of those moments... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas Eve

We've spent some sweet family time this weekend and after some running around, we are home, chilling out and enjoying our Christmas Eve.  I've been brainstorming some upcoming posts and am excited for all I have to share with you guys in the next few weeks. For now, let's enjoy Christmas and we'll start looking... Continue Reading →

It’s Christmastime!

We've taken some time with our family on this Christmas Eve Eve and the kitties that are at my parent's house as well.  I hope you guys are having a nice Saturday and are getting to relax some this weekend! 

New Years Goal Setting Pt. 1

This morning, Ken headed home and my brain has been directed not on the Christmas holiday, but the New Year. As I wrote about the other day, a change in jobs has been on my mind but that's not all that's on the road ahead. This upcoming spring also points to a move to another... Continue Reading →

The Tour is Almost Over

So Ken leaves tomorrow and all we did today (pretty much) is eat, hence this photo in front of the pig at Rib and Loin.  So, we're going to kick back, watch some YouTube videos and have a few more laughs before it's time for him to hit the road. 

Change is a Comin’ (and it’s OK)

Recently, I've gotten an amazing opportunity for work starting in January. I am so stoked for such an awesome gig that includes so much of what I love and have worked towards throughout my career in education. There's something on my mind though: change is scary. I've been in my current job for 2 years... Continue Reading →

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