Where To Find Me: JLBNerdy Facebook

Thursdays are the longest day of the week, so it's the night of a quick post- Where to Find Me on JLB Nerdy's Facebook page! If you want to follow along with my daily posts, check out that page to keep up on it. Whenever I put up a new post, I make a point... Continue Reading →


Where to Find Me: Pinterest

I mentioned it a while back, but since it's been a while, I figure I'd share my Pinterest again. I've been using the site more lately and really pinning a lot drag queen content, recipes for all kinds of meals, sharing my blog posts, make up info, and so much more. There are multiple boards for... Continue Reading →

JLB Nerdy Studio is Open!

Have you ever thought about doing something over and over again but didn't dive in because you were still uncertain about how things would play out? That's how I have been the past few years when thinking about creating an Etsy store for my paintings. That being said, I am proud to announce that JLB... Continue Reading →

Where to Find Me: Diskingdom.com

As if being on a Disney podcast wasn't enough, I've found another place to spread my Disnerdery across the internet! Recently, I started writing a weekly column for Diskingdom entitled Vacation Kingdom Know-How.  Each week I'm looking at a way to save time or money (or both) and hopefully make your Walt Disney world vacation... Continue Reading →

Where to Find Me: OTR

When I planned my visit to Orlando, the first thing I knew I wanted to do was be a guest on the Orlando Tourism Report. Turns out if you're crashing on the couch of the host, it helps you get on the air, so that Friday I got the opportunity to add my two cents... Continue Reading →

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