Day 13: Write a Real Letter

Mail is a dying thing and it's something I love. You can call me a sentimentalist or whatever you want, but I love sending mail and writing letters to folks. There's something so awesome about just putting some good out into the world and letting someone know that you are thinking about them or that... Continue Reading →

Day 12: Drink Water

The most simple self care task is drinking water. I know, it sounds like we would know this and do it but sometimes drinking water tends to fall on the backburner with all the coffees, teas, juices and other things we have to enjoy when we are thirsty and need a pick me up. As... Continue Reading →

Day 11: Unplug

Life happens when you put the screens down and look at what's around you Putting the screens down can be hard but, oh man, worth it. By not having the notion to keep up with the joneses and just let go, life is better. There's less stress, more time to enjoy the important things (like... Continue Reading →

Day 10: Go Somewhere Solo

Check out the grocery solo... enjoy your time! There are two kinds of people in this world, I've learned: people who enjoy going places by themselves and people who hate it. I'm thankful I'm part of the party that enjoys it. To really take some time for self care, though, do something solo. Go grab... Continue Reading →

Day 9: Wake Up Early

Not everyday is this setting, but it's still worth getting up early So if Day 8 was Go to Bed Early obviously, Day 9 is Wake Up Earlier! But why? I'll share my personal findings with you. I've worked jobs that start around 7 or 8 in the morning and I'm in a job that... Continue Reading →

Day 8: Go To Bed Early

I won't list off the studies that show more sleep is good for you, I'm sure you know that fact to be true. I'm also sure that you know some of the tips you can use to help fall asleep better: no screens for a while before bed, drink hot tea or warm milk, take... Continue Reading →

Day 7: Read

Today's practice comes with a caveat I must say up front: I'm not talking about reading for work or for school with this one.  Reading can help keep your brains sharp and help you be a lifong learner. It can take you places you never thought you'd go. It can inform you. It can inspire... Continue Reading →

Day 6: Breathe

As you've probably seen so far in this 31 journey, the tasks are based on taking time to relax and rest. That is for certain the common thread that is going throughout the rest of the month too. Day 6 brings us the simplest of these tasks, too. Breathe. Find a place that you enjoy... Continue Reading →

Day 5: Get Your Drink On

Take some time to get your drink on. No, I don't mean go on a bender and throw back a whole bottle of your favorite liquor, but enjoy a drink (that whole bottle probably won't leave you feeling much better or relaxed the next day anyways). I don't just mean an alcoholic drink either. By... Continue Reading →

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