Oh, Thursday…

Today's been one of those full days that was pretty good. And this weekend is already packed out. Hardcore. So I'm just trying to enjoy this evening and looking forward to some self care on this upcoming Sunday, too.


Our Engagement Story

I've been wanting to write this post ever since my sweet Loss proposed but I figure with Valentine's Day here, it's the perfect time to share it.  Loss and I knew that we were going to get married from early on in our relationship. We dated for a little less than two years and, when... Continue Reading →

My Love

With Valentines Day being tomorrow, I've got a really special post I've been wanting to go up tomorrow, so I figured I'd share a few fun photos from one of our adventures the other day after a double date brunch. The best part of it being a double date? We had a great photographer in... Continue Reading →

Bob’s Valentines Burgers

One of our favorite shows that Loss and I watch together is Bob's Burgers. We quote it often, Loss has practically worn out his shirt with the family on it and we've had a handful of burgers out of the "Bob's Burgers Burger Book. For Valentines, I took a look through the book and found... Continue Reading →

Saturday of Rain

Today was full of rain and napping with a sinus headache. I wrapped up the washing and drying and am watching The Princess and the Frog as we wrap up folding it all. Loss came over to hang out and we had a nice cozy night with Chinese food and finally knocking out this sinus... Continue Reading →

Moving: All the Laundry

Thing's have started moving recently, so we've started some steps to make our move easier. Let's just say I'm on load 8 of laundry and I'm about over it, but it'll be worth it. Loss dropped me off at my parent's house (after they had headed out of town) and I've been here all afternoon... Continue Reading →

Coffee Time Ahead

This photo from last week says it all: it's coffee time. I've been doing an average of 2-3 sessions per day for work and tomorrow I've got 5 (FIVE!) on the books, plus following up with Drag Race tomorrow night. So it's looking like Thursday is going to be full of coffee. And you know... Continue Reading →

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