Fun and Worn Out

Today was an awesome day at Main x 24. We ran all over the South Side and, well, I'm quite tired after all of that. I'll update more tomorrow, but for now, I've taken a nap and will probably be going to bed early as well. Hope you had an awesome Saturday!


Friday Four: Main x 24 Edition

Main x 24 is my favorite day of the year in Chattanooga and I am so excited it's coming around again this weekend! So here's my four favorite aspects of the 24 hour festival that is tomorrow, December 2. The Parade The EPB sponsored parade is my favorite in Chattanooga, all year. It brings out... Continue Reading →

31 Days of Moving: Intro

The holidays are here and the onslaught of delicious goodies and unflattering photos have started. I've also been doing the hibernating thing a lot more and as I'm finishing up the 6th season of Gilmore Girls, I've had that realization that I need to do some more moving. I've been feeling kinda bleh lately and... Continue Reading →


Tonight is cozy. The week is half over. I'm grateful for all of that. What gives you that warm, fuzzy, cozy feeling? 

JLB’s Holiday Playlist

  One of the quickest and easiest ways to get into the holiday spirit is a fantastic holiday music playlist. Thanks to sites like Spotify, these playlists are fun and easy to make. There's nothing better than a rad playlist that you can set on shuffle and go along with your cleaning, party or whatever... Continue Reading →

My Christmas Wishlist

There's a few things that are on my wishlist for this holiday season and they're, frankly, making me feel old. Why you ask? This year, all I can seem to find that I would like for Christmas are useful, responsible things. I know, I'm not sure what happened either...might have something to do with turning... Continue Reading →

Christmas Wrapping

Today I got to go on a little impromptu adventure with Joey and Jacque (bro and sister in law) that culminated in a trek to the mall. I picked up a few goodies for Christmas gifts along the way and am wrapping them up tonight! I'm pretty stoked to have picked up wrapping paper at... Continue Reading →

Black Friday Baking

Today was officially an awesome time. My mom and I got to make some delish dishes and spend the day hanging out in the kitchen. We made some great recipes and have a party's worth of holiday goodies to share here on the blog soon. It was super fun and the cookie dough we got... Continue Reading →

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