GMX 2016: Amazing Cosplays!

One of the best parts of GMX is seeing the amazing cosplays that folks have spent so much time working on, so I wanted to share some of the awesomeness with you guys as well... Green Arrow...don't call him Hawkeye. Trust me. I realized my error after a moment and profusely apologized. Just don't. These... Continue Reading →

Friday Five: Halloween Edition

It's that spookiest time of year and I'm so excited about all that's going on recently, so here's my Friday Five: Halloween Edition. What am I digging, you ask? Downtown Chattanooga I didn't realize that starting more blogging would make this me turn into a Chattanooga blogger, but alas, it has. Recently I've written about... Continue Reading →

A Night Out: Boo at the Zoo

One of my favorite things to do in Chattanooga is definitely the holiday events at the Chattanooga Zoo.  The zoo teams up with Chattanooga Therapeutic Recreation Services and the city of Chattanooga to sponsor an evening at Halloween and Christmas for families with special needs children and adults. I've got a Masters in special education... Continue Reading →

New Best Place: The Library

  As you've seen in what I've documented so far on the blog, I'm into saving money when I can and am also looking to get my freelance work done lately. These ideas have finally intersected in my new favorite place: the library! I spent much time at the library growing up and look back... Continue Reading →

First Fall Weekend!

  It's Finally Fall, Ya'll!  We've been crossing our fingers the weather will finally stay below 70 and leaves will start falling some more and this weekend it finally happened (no comment on the fact that it'll get up to almost 80 again tomorrow). The weekend commenced with a little movie night at the in-laws... Continue Reading →

Hurricane Matthew from TN

  So I've been a busy lady & it's after 10 pm, aka after when I normally go to bed, but I've got to get these thoughts out...Hurricane Matthew has gotten me feeling super nervous. Some of you might know that I'm a Tennessee resident & that's where my sweet hubs & I live. I've... Continue Reading →

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