January 15: Friday 5

The Friday 5 is a list of things I’m digging on this week. Holla.

  1. Billy Wilder films
Jack Lemmon (left) & Billy Wilder (right)

Billy Wilder wrote & directed & just overall ran the show for some amazing films. I finally saw “Double Indemnity” this week on TCM & then spent Thursday evening watching “The Apartment” (one of my faves). The dialogue that Wilder put in his movies are just awesome- they’re funny, sarcastic & have a little heart in there every now & then. The actors that took on these great roles are some of my favorites as well. Fred MacMurray, Jack Lemmon, Shirley Mclaine all have memorable roles & I can’t say enough great things about. Next Wednesday, January 20, TCM is airing “The Apartment” in primetime to continue celebrating Fred MacMurray as the Star of the Month. I highly suggest checking out the film if you haven’t- it’s just awesome.

2. Kathy Lee & Hoda

KLG & Hoda in AARP Magazine.

I hate to admit it, but having this new schedule, I’m enjoying watching Kathy Lee & Hoda on the Today show 10 am hour. They’re hilarious, ridiculous, sweet & kinda darn heart warming. The fact they’re sweet friends really takes the cake. They help my mornings be a little more fun (that & that cutie Willie from the earlier hour of the Today Show).

3. Girl Time

Meg & I at Disney World on my magical proposal trip in 2014-I LOVED hanging out with her at the parks!

Following suit with KLG & Hoda, I’m getting in the spirit of having some girl time. One of the gals I’m closest to my sister in law, Meg. We’re making a point to spend time together more often this year & I’m so excited. Life gets busy & it’s hard to get together with your girls & it’s time to make a point of it with Meg & also all my other girls.

4. The Dis

The interactive posts are one of my fave things The Dis is currently doing on social media.

This year, the Dis is rocking it out, plain & simple. They’ve added a daily video news update on Disney parks, a new Dreams Unlimited video podcast about traveling beyond Disney & added the wonderful Jackie to “The Trip”. I’m also admittedly quite jealous due to the fact that Pete & crew are now in the parks during the week to keep up to speed with everything going on. I have to say that I’ve seen even more positive coming from their posts & reviews since there’s been more of the crew in the parks, too. I’m a fan of this. The crew are also amping up their social media presence & posting more interactive opportunities. I love where they’re heading & can’t help but think that the Dis is just going to keep getting better & better!

5.  Black Hair Dye

I like to channel my inner Louise Belcher with dark hair.

This is happening as soon as I post this article. I’ve been holding off on redyeing, but it’s time. Something is fun about going darker- plus it’s always nice to have a little spa moment in the day.




#TCMPARTY: Let’s Movie!


Social media is a great thing. Especially when it comes to fun things I’m passionate about, it’s just the best. Much of the time, you’ll find me talking about Disney, travel & classic movies.

This love for classic movies has really started to grow with the discussions I’ve been able to have with all the many folks who use the hashtag #TCMParty. Thanks to the guys & gals  who lead the @TCMParty twitter account, we all stay up to date on the films that are airing soon, learning some history & also getting to know other classic film fans in a fun way.


Getting to discuss the films of Turner Classic Movies is one of my favorite things to do at night these days. Making silly comments throughout the films & reading others’ cracks me up & I’ve even learned a thing or two from folks on the #TCMParty.

This Christmas, there was an evening of James Stewart films that were lesser known and I was convinced by one of the regulars on the discussion to give “The Mortal Storm” a viewing, even though it wasn’t my normal type of movie (it takes place at the beginning of Hitler’s reign over Germany). I was told that it was a good historical film that needed to be seen atleast once. I agreed & took on the heavy film & cried & cried as the story followed their family being split up due to their political beliefs. It’s true that the movie was one I wouldn’t normally have watched, but I was very glad to have seen it. It not only furthered my appreciation of what James Stewart did as an actor but also gave me a more personal and realistic knowledge of that moment in time. I think that’s what good film does & it is also what a great film community can do as well.

If you’re interested in classic films & learning some about the past of the world (pretty much), do a search for the hashtag, #TCMParty and check out what’s going on during the prime time hours on TCM . I look forward to seeing you around the twittersphere!




Babies Everywhere (But Not Here)

This is the perfect excuse to post this photo of me in 1988. 

As I mentioned the other day, I’ve got a new job working with babies around 1 year old & I’m quite enjoying it. I found on my first day that a good amount of the ladies working with me are pregnant and even yesterday another one announced she is having kiddo number two.

The sweet ladies keep talking about how they got ‘the fever’ working with infants, but I can’t help but see how I’d like to keep the kiddos at work and not bring them home with me.

Now let me say, I do indeed enjoy children and I’ve always wound up working with them. I love family and friends with kiddos and spending time with them. Having spent so much time with these kids, I know I’m not ready to bring them home with me. Losson & I have been married 7 months today (happy 7 months, babe!) & we are happy with still being selfish with our time. We have much traveling we want to do and our shoebox of an apartment would be way too tight for any other beings to live here- no matter the size.

Kids are also quite pricey in the long run, let alone the hospital bills, and the worst part- they grow up so fast. Just watching my sweet nephew grow up over the past year- it has flown by. It seems like you get the kid to the point that you like the most & then they  just keep growing…still.

I’m not saying we will never have a kid, but who knows. It’ll definitely be quite a while if that’s the case, but we’ll see.

I sure like going to Disney World & have pipe dreams to head to Japan in a few years, so kids or not, they’ll be waaay down the road at the earliest.

The Journey: Everything in its Place


Before: The craziness that is our apartment

For some reason, this January keeps calling to our apartment. There’s so much to do, so much to downsize & so much to just plain ole throw away.

I’ve got a new game I keep playing: I find a few things to move around or clean up, then I finish that & then its right back to the “What Am I Doing?” again.

Of course, I’ve got no problem writing lists a mile long of things to get done, but the tasks don’t always tend to get done.  But alas, I’ve shown you guys (aka the world) how disorganized our apartment is. So now I’ll be ready to get my “After” photo ready to post this week (hopefully). I’ve got a rug from our Ikea trip last weekend that’s ready to take residence in the floor once I get the floor all cleaned up.

Wish me luck!



Grateful for the Fire Guys


I guess there’s always a first time for everything and this weekend was indeed one of them.

Right around 5AM Sunday morning, Losson and I were woken up by hearing folks yelling to get out of the building and soon after began smelling smoke.

We made it outside to find the building beside ours on fire (a driveway between the two buildings thankfully). The fire was contained to the one building and I’m not exactly sure how much damage was done but it could have been so much worse.

The Chattanooga Fire Department spent a good two hours on the scene, having 5 trucks on the scene and doing all they needed to do to keep everyone safe.

Losson & I were discussing later on  how we’d never been involved in a fire situation & our definite appreciation for all that the firefighters do. The morning could have been a whole lot scarier & I am so thankful for all of those guys out there, making sure everyone was out & safe.

Thank you so much!



Hello, 2016!: Goals


It’s the new year & oh boy, are times a changing!

This first week of the year I  have started a new job in a preschool setting with one year olds, which is a bit different from the elementary school setting I’ve been used to the past 5 years.  Plus this new schedule has me going in to work at noon & home by 6:30… it’s like I’ve gained a whole new day to get things accomplished before going to work. That being said, I’ve been putting together some goals that I’d like to work on this year, so here’s what I’ve got thus far:

Getting on a schedule & staying there!

So far it’s been a lot better of a week waking up early, getting some things done around the house & staying on a schedule. I’d honestly be scared to see what would happen if I were to totally go off schedule.

Doing Something Creative

I was literally dreaming of blog posts to put up the other day. I’d like to be posting, sharing with all you lovely folks on here & letting my voice be known in a regular way. This schedule will hopefully make it the time to get it going.

Moving More

I know, I know, but atleast I’m not saying “work out”, right? I know that I’ve already been moving more and picking up kiddos at work and, well, I can tell it’s already working.

Traveling More

Losson & I started our year off with a weekend trip to Atlanta & it really got 2016 off to a good start. Something about getting out of town, seeing & exploring new things & taking a little bit of a mental break, it was just fantastic. This will be happening more often this year.

Getting Organized & Polished

Everything should have a place & everything should be in that place. That’s the motto of the year….I’ve already started downsizing some of the duplicates we have & not going to lie, it feels really nice to do so. We’ve also got a game plan (I’m sure I’ll share it soon) for some new furniture throughout the year to help organize & take up less space in our cute little shoebox of a 450 square foot apartment.

Getting Organized with Money & Life Things

This one should be extra fun… we just learned after Christmas how ridiculous doctor visits and medicine can be without insurance, so let’s just say we’ve got some bills to pay, some other debts we want to get knocked out this year. I’m a little intimated when thinking about doing our taxes since it’ll be our first time doing them together, so we’ll see how that goes. I’m sure it’ll be ok  when we get to it, just gotta do it.

So here we go, let’s do this, 2016!

What are your goals for the year?




Getting Ready for my First Con!

So, let’s talk about conventions….. I’ve never been to one and am so excited to be spending Halloween weekend (aka #Geekoween) at Geek Media Expo in Nashville!  What brought me to being so stoked over going to a con?

Jeff & George from Communicore Weekly…taken after George says “Just stay there- don’t move!”, hence the look on Jeff’s face.

It all started with a few geeks from a Disney podcast, Communicore Weekly. George & Jeff from the podcast trekked to Atlanta for DragonCon & we had to go down for the meet up they were having the Thursday night before the con officially started (Jeff lives in California, so he rarely ever comes to the southeast anymore). Losson & I drove down on a whim that night & were so thrilled to get to finally meet the guys, plus we got the Con bug.

After spending a  few hours with the guys just walking around the different hotels & taking in the sights & sounds & cosplays, it was official- we were going a convention ourselves.

Cut to now- I’ve made a Louise Belcher (of Bob’s Burgers) dress! A pair of pink bunny ears are currently being constructed for the Louise cosplay! There’s an Air B&B booked for DragonCon 2016! There’s only 22 days until my first Con!

  The Louise Belcher dress! Proud to say I made it all by myself!

So after years of wanting to take me to a con, I got a taste of it & I can’t wait to take it all in.

I’ll share more of my adventures in cosplay prep & thoughts about the whole thing soon- but first I’ve gotta know- what was your first convention/cosplay?


Start Here: Welcome!

Hi all,  we are here to be loud, proud & nerdy to boot!

We are Losson & Jenny. Newlyweds (as of June 13 this past summer!), lovers of random things & passions that we want to share.

Losson has a love for comics that is only barely met by his love for me (most of the time)

We have both started different blog projects at different times & had a hard time staying put & working further on them.  After getting the bug to go to get something creative going lately, we decided that maybe two heads are better than one, so why not try a collaborative blog project? So here we are!


Losson has attended conventions, created cosplays, tried to talk me into watching anime, learned way too many facts about comic books & their history and it’s time I’ve decided to embrace more of these things.  We have a convention lined up to attend Halloween weekend & cosplay creating has commenced as of last weekend.

I, Jenny, have a love for all things Disney history, podcasts, art, classic films, things that make me laugh & also trying to figure out if my future as an entrepreneur will work.

So that’s us & we’re here to share what we love, what we are watching, working on, making, etc. We plan on doing some posts where we both take part along with posts by each of us individually.

So, here we go & thanks for checking us out!

-Jenny (and Losson)

I have to include a wedding photo. Duh. Aren’t we cute?!?

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