New friends

New friends are the best part of traveling. 


A New Beginning

Today was the first and last day for this girl. I started my day off training for the new gig and grabbed some lunch and headed into the current job for my last shift. It's been fantastic but a little bit of a long day (did I mention I turned on about 10 alarms to... Continue Reading →

The Coffee Nook Inspo

This year for Christmas we received a coffee pot/hot water heater combo and it is part of my favorite space in the house.  We drink at least a pot of coffee between the two of us every day and the water is making hot tea a more streamlined relaxing task every night. This area helps... Continue Reading →

January 2

I couldn't get a photo I just loved today, after spending a while on getting ready, hence the smirk. Said smirk was followed up by a nice coffee date with Jacque and some great brainstorming for the year. It was a fantastic morning. How's your 2018 going so far?

2018 Goal Tracking

As of December 31, I'll have 153 days in a row that I've written on JLBNerdy. I didn't think I could do anything for 50 days, let alone 100 or 150, but here we are. Knowing that I have managed to take on this new habit daily, it is quite empowering and also I'm excited... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year!

We're partying til dawn (jk, not even midnight and more like just chilling..) but regardless, Happy New Year from Loss and I!  See ya on the flip side in 2018!

2017 Wrap Up

  So, here we are- almost at 2018's start. I've had new years on the brain lately but realized I can't very well write about what's new before I take a look back into the past 12 months. This task seems daunting, as that's quite a time period to review, so I'll break it down... Continue Reading →

Step Out

My friend Carleigh sent me this last week and it is truly what I'm thinking for the new year.  I've got some rad posts coming up & look forward to sharing them with you in the next few weeks! 

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