Friday Four #8

  Interrupted Sleep  This week has been rough when it comes to sleep. I've been plenty tired, but there's something about falling asleep and then hearing a siren or four on the road across from our apartment, making me wake up. Ever since the fire happened a building over last year (like 2016), sirens wake... Continue Reading →


Spirit Day

You might be wondering what I mean exactly by Spirit Day, but this one is to stand up for bullying and those in the LGBTQ+ student community. Glaad has shared some stats from their site promoting the day and they are heartbreaking.   As someone who has a heart for students, these states are upsetting.... Continue Reading →

WCW: My Mom

There's only a few people who have been there for me from the very very beginning: one of them being my Mom.  Her birthday is coming up this next week, so I figured it's the perfect time to write about her in the Woman Crush Wednesday column. She has done and given so much for... Continue Reading →

How to Take a Good Photo

Blogging, Instagram and so much more of the internet and social media is based on photos. While I don't feel that I'm super gorgeous or the best at being in photos, I do alright and have some that, I think, look great.  So, here is my thoughts on How to Take Great Photos. Take Care... Continue Reading →

Me Too: My Story

This is a hard post. But I wrote it and feel like it needs to be shared.  Me too. If all the people who have been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote "Me too." as a status, we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem.  When I saw a "Me Too" post on Facebook by... Continue Reading →

End of 2017 Goals

Last night, I asked Loss how he felt about having one of my friends visit for a few nights in December. As I figured, he was pretty chill about it except for one thing: we have to have the house in order. From there, my brain started going. I've been getting an idea of what... Continue Reading →

Moments of Feeling Older

After running around town today with Megan this morning and Loss this evening, I"m feeling quite productive and had some moments I'm reflecting on as I think back on my day. I had quite a few of those "man I'm old" moments but I'm learning to look at them as  being wiser and on top... Continue Reading →

Friday Four #7

This week has been a blur. I've worked a little extra and been distracted by the stuff going on out in the world, so it's not been a week that lots has gone on. So here's the list of things I've been thinking about lately... **Yeah, there's an affiliate link. Just so you know** Boots... Continue Reading →

I Just Don’t Know

I don't know how to feel this morning: I feel sick, I feel terrified, I feel helpless. I can't hardly open twitter these days without getting stressed, sick or just plain upset. Everywhere we turn, it's bad news, statements of intent to hurt other people (from those in power) and people getting in trouble for... Continue Reading →

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