JLB Nerdy is Jenny Buchanan, a creator focused on spreading Positivity and Joy

Special Skills

Copywriting | Social Media Management | Basic Photo Editing |Video Editing |YouTube Channel Management | Time Management & Flexibility | Personal Assistant Tasks |Proofreading |Editing |Conducting interviews| Blog writing |Newsletters | Lesson/Content Planning & Scheduling | Problem Solving | Data entry |WordPress|Website Layout Editing | Customer Service |Digital Content Consulting

As Seen On

JLBNerdy.com : Personal blog covering Disney, running, anything else fun

JLBNerdy YouTube

DisKingdom: Vacation Kingdom Know How column

Co-host of Tom Morrow’s Mouse Disney Podcast (2017)

Ran social media for Barley Bones dog treats (2017)

Completed 23 Fiverr.com orders, 100% on time delivery

Informed and engaged in tourism & travel, Disney, food & restaurants, music & concerts/festivals,how things work, positivity & looking for the brighter side of life.

Have Masters degree in Special Education & Bachelors degree in English

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