Day 22: See the Doctor

Yuck, doctors. If you're anything like me, I hate going to the doctor unless I'm really sick, but that isn't quite what the doctor really ordered. Yearly check ups are a thing (shocker, I know) and they are meant to help keep you at optimum health. Same for general OBGYN visits and mammograms for the... Continue Reading →

Day 21: Veg Out

Don't worry, I'm not talking vegetables here, I'm talking TV. Sometimes we all have days (or weeks) where we just need to chill out and have a little veg time in front of the TV. Mine typically happen on Friday evenings and Hulu and Netflix tend to come to the rescue. This weekend was no... Continue Reading →

Day 20: Move

I originally was going to call Day 20 "Exercise" but then I remembered how much I hate that word myself, so why bother turning someone else off too? As I'm sure we all know, getting some exercise or movement in your day helps release endorphins so you're happier, helps you sleep at the end of... Continue Reading →

Day 19: Say What You Mean

One of the ways to lighten your daily load is to own who you- a huge piece being saying what you mean. By saying what you mean and letting your beliefs and feelings known, people can know exactly what you stand for and what you won't put up with. It can also make your relationships... Continue Reading →

Day 17: Listen to Music

Music is something powerful. It has the ability to change your mood quicker than most things in this world and that needs to not be forgotten. So take some stock of where you are and where you want to be and listen accordingly. If you're feeling wired, put on some upbeat jams and dance it... Continue Reading →

Day 16: Rest.

There's nothing wrong with taking a rest. Lay down and nap. Sleep in on Saturday some. It's ok. As long as your responsibilities are taken care of (or atleast covered for you), don't feel guilty. It's true, if you're tired and running on no or negative energy, make some. Go ahead, close your eyes, play... Continue Reading →

Day 15: Figure It Out 

If there's something that's been bugging you, take the time to figure it out. Talk to a mentor or friend, read up on the subject, journal about, pray or meditate on it. Make an effort to feel better and get something that's been bugging you off your shoulders. I've found through some work and seeking,... Continue Reading →

Day 14: Show Some Appreciation

One thing I've talked about a lot in this 31 Days of Self Care is putting love out there for others to receive. Be it through a physical act, a letter or simply being present with someone, giving is a wonderful way to make the world around you better.  It feels good. The recipient of... Continue Reading →

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