Friday Four #10

Sorry for skipping a week, but here I am, back again, with four things on Friday I'm digging this week! 1 Christmas Tree Night Tonight, instead of going out for date night, it's Christmas Tree night! Loss and I planning on ordering a pizza and putting up our tree, finally. If you can't tell, the... Continue Reading →

End of 2017 Goals

Last night, I asked Loss how he felt about having one of my friends visit for a few nights in December. As I figured, he was pretty chill about it except for one thing: we have to have the house in order. From there, my brain started going. I've been getting an idea of what... Continue Reading →

Planning Blogs

As I'm looking into my blogging plan, I've been thinking about how to best go about it. I've gotten used to writing (almost) daily with the 31 Days of Self Care project, but what about now that it's over?  I'm wanting to keep up the same posting schedule and keep good content at the same... Continue Reading →

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