Going Down a Disney Rabbit Hole

You guys know I love my Disney (mostly) everything and tonight I've been pulled into a Disney rabbit hole, for sure. I finally watched, for the first time ever, The Aristocats that I had borrowed from my mother in law and, well, I need to snuggle some cats. Also after spending that time with a... Continue Reading →

Prepping for the Move Pt.1

With some extra time at home lately, I've started really thinking about our move. We knew weather was going to chilly and probably wipe out plans for a day or two this week, so we even picked up a few boxes to work on packing. Of course, this led to my big question: where do... Continue Reading →

Working Hard

Today we spent some time working hard on some projects to come soon, so here's a photo of a cat with a hat on. You're welcome.

Cats in Boxes at Christmas

Last night I gave my parents their Christmas gift and the box has been taken over- by their cats.  I love that the furry fellows have taken over and made the box their way to celebrate the holiday as well!

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