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A Visit to Rock City


Just up the road from Chattanooga, right across the state line in Georgia, is my favorite local tourist spot, Rock City.  Loss and I usually visit around Christmas time to see all the gorgeous lights throughout this historical park but I also jumped on the opportunity to visit with out of town visitors recently.

Two Jens

Our friends, Jen and Kevin Fox, came through town on their way to Pigeon Forge and we took a visit to Rock City. I was so stoked to hang out with the Happy Living couple and show them our gorgeous city and its neighboring areas (you know we had to visit the Chattanooga Choo Choo before they headed on, too).


As always, Rock City didn’t disappoint and I loved getting to laugh and laugh at Kevin’s corny jokes as we walked down the winding rock paths. Of course, we had to stop to take a few photos throughout and just had an awesome time.

We were somewhere around there, just below Tn & in GA


If you’re going to be in the North Georgia/Chattanooga area, I highly suggest a trip to Ruby Falls. Where else can you see gnomes, lots of rocks and a fairy tale land? Yep, right here.

One other thing is for certain: Loss and I can’t wait to have more Sunday Fundays with the Foxs!


Bonus fun: You can check out the vlog that Kevin & Jen did while we were at Rock City as well…my laughter makes a cameo in quite a bit of it…Also, the Sprite joke is mine, Kevin is just borrowing it. You’re welcome.  =)

Revelry Room for Live Tunes



Loss and I don’t go to shows very often, unless it’s a big special outing. This past weekend, after a week solid of working and coming home to do the same thing the next morning, I was ready to get out of the house.   After dinner Saturday, I suggested we head out and do something- anything to get out of the house.  A little perusing later, I found Abbey Road Live was playing Revelry Room that night and some friends were even going to be there.

Loss is a huge Beatles fan and I fall into a fan category as well, plus it was at the venue I’d yet to check out in town, so we decided to venture out.

The band was great, playing Abbey Road in its entirety, then a second set of random Beatles songs (including “Rhiannon” for the heck of it) and they were spot on. I’ve seen the Rolling Stones and I knew that I’d never see the Beatles in this lifetime, but I am totally ok with settling with having seen Abbey Road Live.

The bar in Revelry room…and that lighting! 

I spent some of the night in the front row but couldn’t quite hang the whole time (am I getting old? Ugh.) but I did take the opportunity to explore the venue a little bit more and take in the details. After seeing the vibe of big sister venue, Track 29, I didn’t expect to be blown away by the Revelry Room and Hush Lounge (the first part of the room you walk in to) but I was. I know it’s got to be hard to make a room feel cozy that will hold thousands of people, such as at T29, but the Chattanooga Choo Choo crew found their niche and interior designer for the smaller rooms.


I loved the warm, welcoming feel with the wood, gold and cushy couches and banquets in the Hush lounge. They flowed well with the Palm Springs style ladies room just outside the hall and the more modern feel of the Revelry Room.  Whoever did their design, they can come help me out if they’d like to comp it all…

Overall, the sound was great, the venue was gorgeous and I dug the vibe and loved seeing a small show in a non-divey venue. I’ll for sure be back to the Revelry Room and may just swing by Hush Lounge for a sweet hang sometime when I’m near the Choo Choo as well. You’ve made a fan of me!

I was happy to find a nice, comfy couch to finish the show sitting on!

Friday Five: Halloween Edition

It’s that spookiest time of year and I’m so excited about all that’s going on recently, so here’s my Friday Five: Halloween Edition.

What am I digging, you ask?


  1. Downtown Chattanooga

I didn’t realize that starting more blogging would make this me turn into a Chattanooga blogger, but alas, it has. Recently I’ve written about our Day Date and Two Ten Jack adventure, the Chattanooga Public library and also the Boo at the Zoo event-I have to say I do truly love my city and get super pumped when we find new places and old favorites to go to!



2. Dressing Nice

With more outings and events lately, along with the nice Fall-like weather we have had some, Loss and I have enjoyed getting a little more dressed up lately. Getting to put on some outfits that feel good and look good and head out is just nice. There’s something about not burning up in 90+ degree temps that make one enjoy getting dressed for once.



3. Costumes and Cosplays

As we’re getting all prepped for GMX (more on that in a minute), it’s costume and cosplay time! We’ve been working on ours some and I’m looking so forward to seeing what other folks have to show off this weekend. As for now, this picture with the Flash and a pared down version of Poison Ivy, it’s a fave of mine.



4. Fall Mornings

This morning, I took advantage of not being able to sleep in and just love it. 50 degrees, a good cup of coffee and a nice little lovingly made quilt- it’s the best.

Happy, Chill Morning Times



5. Geek Media Expo

I am so stoked, guys! We are currently prepping for Geek Media Expo (aka GMX) that is this weekend in Nashville, TN. Loss and I are volunteering this time around and I’m pretty excited to get to see another side of the convention as well. Don’t worry, folks, you’ll be hearing all about GMX in the next week or so- it’s almost time to get started and have some fun!

Have a great weekend, Friends!



New Best Place: The Library


As you’ve seen in what I’ve documented so far on the blog, I’m into saving money when I can and am also looking to get my freelance work done lately. These ideas have finally intersected in my new favorite place: the library!

These chairs take me back to my childhood

I spent much time at the library growing up and look back fondly on the summer reading programs that were held at the Chattanooga Public Library. I’m a proud owner of some really awesome patches and buttons from those summers spent reading, too- worth all that work. But alas, I’d fallen off the library train and when I was looking for a book for cheap the other day, it hit me- go borrow one! So I went to our closest branch and got set up with a card and got some ebooks on the kindle.


I told Loss about the idea of getting some work done so we headed downtown to the main branch of the library and scoped it out. Besides finding films, music, graphic novels, comics and even zines, I fell for the Fourth Floor.

The Sewing Area

The space is a catch all for creating. It’s got a vinyl printing area, a sewing area, workspaces, zine library and all kinds of other goodies. I spread out at a table and spent about two hours planning for the freelance gig I’ve got going and this little blog right here. It was amazing to have some space with some ambient noise, but nothing too loud, along with other folks who are working on their own ideas and projects too.

Part of the Zine Library

We’re planning on going back again soon for more working and more reading, so the words on the wall must be right: “You’re in the Right Place”!


Do you frequent your local library? Any perks that I should look into for our new found library adventuring?


Oh, and a perk of being downtown: this view and colors and birds:




First Fall Weekend!


It’s Finally Fall, Ya’ll!  We’ve been crossing our fingers the weather will finally stay below 70 and leaves will start falling some more and this weekend it finally happened (no comment on the fact that it’ll get up to almost 80 again tomorrow).

The weekend commenced with a little movie night at the in-laws on Friday evening, my yearly viewing of Ichabod and Mr. Crane having happened now, and come Saturday morning, it was cool, clear and just perfect. Loss came home with some good news from work around 8:30 and we decided it was a great day to hit the town. First stop?


My first real PSL of the season!

By the time we ran around some, we made it to Rembrandt’s Coffee Shop downtown and needed another coffee, plus some sweet photos, because, why not?

I usually have to pull teeth for cute pics together =)
Typical Losson.
Lots of cool walkways

We then saw the view of the Tennessee River we had to ask ourselves why we didn’t go down the road a few miles and enjoy the view more often?  Loss and I have both pledged to try and spend more time downtown and enjoy the beauty that is just down the road.

Downtown Chattanooga: Coffee, Beautiful Walks, the River & lots of Bridges

After some trekking around and picking up a birthday gift for my marvelous mom, we headed to Warehouse Row to visit Anthropologie for said present shopping and a visit to my new favorite place in town:

Two Ten Jack!


To say I am in love with Two Ten Jack is an understatement. You guys know of my love of all things Japanese (except mochi) and this place is an izakaya and ramen house. REAL Ramen. I finally had REAL RAMEN. It was amazing for date night the Friday before, so we decided to head back for lunch on Saturday.

Bento Box!

We were both planning on Ramen again, but when we were explained the menu by the great server Matt, our minds were changed. Loss and I both went with the bento box with the JFC (Japanese fried chicken), green salad, chicken meatballs and rice with fried brussels sprouts and a fantastic sour cream (?) based dip. Oh man. Guys, this was great. The brussels sprouts were the most exciting part, much to my surprise. We were both so happy we went with a bento, since we wouldn’t normally be out for a lunch menu. I’m sure there will be another post or two of my Two Ten Jack ramblings soon- I’ve fallen hard for them.

After lunch, we ran a few more errands, came home and took a nap. It was only what could be called a Fantastic Fall Saturday!

The icing on the cake? Celebrating my mom’s birthday today, having lunch together and taking a hike afterwords. Of course, now it’s very much time to hit the sack.

We’re so proud of our fall outfits!

So here we go back to a week of 80 degree highs and here’s to our next big fall weekend adventures!