Bye Bye Christmas

Today I got to town on our Christmas decor & I remembered a little trick I set up for myself in early December... When I picked up my Christmas wrapping paper, I got a frame and loaded up the fun Hatch Show wedding print. My sweet friend Heather works at Hatch Show in Nashville and... Continue Reading →

31 Days of Moving Update

It's funny how things work when I'm writing. I've got a few topics to write about floating around my brain at most times and I usually pull the one that is most relevant to what's going on or I have a connection to for some reason that day. Today is another one of those moments... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas! 

Loss and I hope you had an amazing Christmas! We enjoyed the day with his family and I'm excited to work some of our new goodies into the house-sitting especially the new bluetooth speaker and coffee maker from his parents!  What were some of the goodies you received?

It’s Christmas Weekend! 

So it's time to kick back, relax, do some gifting and family and friends time.  If you're me, tonight involves some pizza, futon laying on and TCM films.  Have an awesome weekend and holiday! 

Cats in Boxes at Christmas

Last night I gave my parents their Christmas gift and the box has been taken over- by their cats.  I love that the furry fellows have taken over and made the box their way to celebrate the holiday as well!

Prep Time Crunch Time 

We had a fantastic weekend hanging out and getting pretty much all of our Christmas shopping knocked out and wrapping it up, too. I'm so stoked it's taken care of, but that has left us at crunch time. This weekend, my good friend Ken who lives in Orlando is coming to spend a long weekend... Continue Reading →

My Christmas Wishlist

There's a few things that are on my wishlist for this holiday season and they're, frankly, making me feel old. Why you ask? This year, all I can seem to find that I would like for Christmas are useful, responsible things. I know, I'm not sure what happened either...might have something to do with turning... Continue Reading →

Christmas Wrapping

Today I got to go on a little impromptu adventure with Joey and Jacque (bro and sister in law) that culminated in a trek to the mall. I picked up a few goodies for Christmas gifts along the way and am wrapping them up tonight! I'm pretty stoked to have picked up wrapping paper at... Continue Reading →

Friday Four #10

Sorry for skipping a week, but here I am, back again, with four things on Friday I'm digging this week! 1 Christmas Tree Night Tonight, instead of going out for date night, it's Christmas Tree night! Loss and I planning on ordering a pizza and putting up our tree, finally. If you can't tell, the... Continue Reading →

Small Biz Saturday: Holiday Crazy

Recently, it's felt like the balance of life is more teetering and tottering than the amazing burger I'm about to devour in this photo (from Screen Door Cafe, by the way. Amazing food!). Obviously with the main job, the social media work, keeping this blog going and all the other aspects of life, things can... Continue Reading →

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