The Coffee Nook Inspo

This year for Christmas we received a coffee pot/hot water heater combo and it is part of my favorite space in the house.  We drink at least a pot of coffee between the two of us every day and the water is making hot tea a more streamlined relaxing task every night. This area helps... Continue Reading →

The Golden Llamas at World Market

  World Market has a super fun promotion currently going on called the Golden Llama. It's a fun scavenger hunt that rewards you if you're the first person to find one of the five llama cards (like I'm holding in the photo). They are spread around the store and the best part is what you... Continue Reading →

Friday Four #8

  Interrupted SleepĀ  This week has been rough when it comes to sleep. I've been plenty tired, but there's something about falling asleep and then hearing a siren or four on the road across from our apartment, making me wake up. Ever since the fire happened a building over last year (like 2016), sirens wake... Continue Reading →

Day 5: Get Your Drink On

Take some time to get your drink on. No, I don't mean go on a bender and throw back a whole bottle of your favorite liquor, but enjoy a drink (that whole bottle probably won't leave you feeling much better or relaxed the next day anyways). I don't just mean an alcoholic drink either. By... Continue Reading →

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