Friday & Granny’s Jewels

So here we are, another day of a not huge blog post but I'm still in work mode. I Have to say that I'm loving this new job. It's awesome to have flexible hours and work on things later into the evening (plus I've got a friend coming into town tomorrow so I'd rather work... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving II: Turkey Day

It's officially Turkey day and I'm definitely thankful for so much. We spent the day at Loss' family's house and quite enjoyed our time with everyone. We worked together in the kitchen and laughed. We sat together and ate delish food. We all caught up and had a fun time together. And the star of... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Dinner 1

Since the holidays can be so busy, my parents set Thanksgiving a few weeks ahead and we had a feast today with my Granny and Uncle Jerry. I haven't seen them in quite a while and it was so awesome to hang out and just cut up for a bit with them. The festivities began... Continue Reading →

Busy Saturday Wrap Up

It's been quite a  Saturday full of events, many of them holiday, and it's not even Thanksgiving yet. We've been getting things ramped up for the holidays and work on (and prepping for) trimming the tree and decking the halls while also fittin in a little bit of vegging out (but just a little). I've... Continue Reading →

Friday Four #8

  Interrupted Sleep  This week has been rough when it comes to sleep. I've been plenty tired, but there's something about falling asleep and then hearing a siren or four on the road across from our apartment, making me wake up. Ever since the fire happened a building over last year (like 2016), sirens wake... Continue Reading →

Built in Friends

One of the best parts of being married is having some built in friends. I lucked out and have some awesome sister in laws. This weekend, two of them spent some time with me and I loved it. On Saturday, I called up Jacque and invited her to come get a manicure with me. She... Continue Reading →

Horizons & a budding Disnerd

I've been listening to some Disney podcasts today, so here comes the nerdery! This actually is one of my most vivid Disney World memories from our trips growing up. The discussion about Horizons, beloved & much bemoanedly closed omnimover attraction from Epcot, was brought up on a recent episode of the 3 O'clock Parade podcast.... Continue Reading →

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