Mail Time!

Sometimes there's nothing better than sending a few packages to friends... So excited for some special folks to get these soon! Can't say who's getting them though...shh!

A Very Good Day

Sometimes you just have an awesome day & you wrap it up having cake and coffee with your sister in law and hubs and really just enjoy the day. I'm very lucky today was one of those days.  

Holiday Food: Grandma Ruby’s Cereal Mix

To start off our holiday party food, we made my dear friend Sarah's Grandma Ruby's Cereal Mix. When we were talking a few weeks ago, Sarah passed along this recipe and I was in. The recipe is pretty flexible and makes a ton (Sarah says around 5.5 gallons) of the mix and is yummy.  The... Continue Reading →

Built in Friends

One of the best parts of being married is having some built in friends. I lucked out and have some awesome sister in laws. This weekend, two of them spent some time with me and I loved it. On Saturday, I called up Jacque and invited her to come get a manicure with me. She... Continue Reading →

July Inspo: Vacation

July is almost over and we recently had an amazing week long vacation to Florida. The first chunk of the week was spent in St. Augustine with my parents and brother and sis in law and the latter half took Loss and I to Orlando. This isn't going to be my trip report and filled... Continue Reading →

January 15: Friday 5

The Friday 5 is a list of things I'm digging on this week. Holla. Billy Wilder films Billy Wilder wrote & directed & just overall ran the show for some amazing films. I finally saw "Double Indemnity" this week on TCM & then spent Thursday evening watching "The Apartment" (one of my faves). The dialogue... Continue Reading →

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